Voodoo Queen Management’s Donna Hawkins: A Jill of All Trades

-You’re involved in so many various projects, tell us, when did you first discover your love for music?

Well, I would have to think back to when I was a child, Where an old guitar hung on the walls of my childhood home, there is where I found my love for music, I remember hearing the vibrations echo throughout the body the guitar as people spoke, from that point on is when my journey began.
– In addition to many other roles, you are currently working with Voodoo Queen Management. Tell us how you got involved with them.
It almost felt like a touch fate, Back in 2013 I created a Twitter account, However I didn’t know what I was doing and thought that Twitter was not interesting, So I set account aside but not deactivating it. So in December 2015 I logged back into the account and noticed that I had a large volume of Direct Messages. So I began reading them. They were bands asking me to check out their music. So I did, I then also learned the simple task of tweeting and tagging, I then made one tweet that changed my life forever, A band reached out by liking my tweet. So I decided to check them out. This band only had a 30 second teaser available. That teaser spoke to me in way no other song had before. So I began networking with this band communicating sharing, promoting because I liked what that 30 second teaser made me feel. And that was free. Like the crow who flies. And this band is called CrowFly. Later on about a month later I noticed someone following my account So I followed back I then started tweets from VQM bands etc, Then another month later I was contacted by Yvonne Loveland CEO of Voodoo Queen Management stating that she was interested in people like me joining her team as she liked my drive. So we then set a phone interview on March 9, 2016 Later that day I was now apart of the VQM Staff.
– What are some of the bands currently under VQM?
We currently have nine roster bands with us which include Conquest, Methane, Pulse, Murder Machine, Maximus, Skinbound, Enslaved By Fear, Mine Enemies Fall, and Love The Hate.
– Are there any other local acts you’re currently listening to that you consider a “Must-Listen”?
There is so much talent in Pennsylvania let alone the surrounding areas such as New York, But here in PA I would have to say that that Arcane Haven, Shrouded In Neglect, And The Necessary Experience, And for the New York Area I would have to say Breaking Solace, Skinbound, Level VII, along with The Alpha Fire.
– You also write and record your own original music. Are there any themes you commonly find yourself writing about?
My writing style seems to change based on my feelings of an event that happened in the day or throughout the week. I take the events that impacted me the most and translate them through song in hopes that somewhere some sing along, knowing that same feeling that I felt.
– Where can fans check out your original songs?
Currently I am on Reverbation as well as Youtube.  Just type in Donna Hawkins usually I am the first one to pop up.
– Recently you’ve announced a sponsorship with Coldcock Whiskey. Tell us about your involvement with the brand, and why you felt it was a good brand to promote.
This to another Touch of fate it seems, I noticed that some of our VQM Roster bands were sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey, So I decided to give the stuff a try, I enjoyed it very much, no after burn. So one day while working on new tracks I listened to the finished guitar tracks as said this reminds me of a tune that friends would be drinking too, As I looked up There was that bottle of Coldcock sitting on my shelf, I knew then that this track was to be a Coldcock Whiskey Jingle, So I sat and wrote the jingle then recorded it. I however only shared it a few times. 7 months later in January 2017 I shared the jingle once more, and then it was brought to the attention of Billy Evans Rep for Coldcock Whiskey then directed to Rick Zeiler, from then on the jingle was post in the bio of the official coldcock whiskey instagram account and I was also credited. Later then a sponsorship was presented. I personally feel that coldcock is a great brand to promote as there is no after burn. The networking is great, the coldcock family is certainly one be with..
– Donna, you do it all, and really represent a new breed in the music business. For the most part, back in the day you had to have a certain specialty (musician, promoter, merch slinger, etc), but it seems like now more people are finding themselves as jack and jills of all trade. Why do you think more people are experimenting and with their abilities and trying to wear more hats than just the one?
You know I went into this industry not knowing a thing, but as time goes on while with VQM I feel like I am taking a college course, but in this course it doesn’t just focus one area in this big world of music. It focuses on them all. A learning experience but also with passion. I observe and study on a daily basis while doing what I love, and that is helping our bands succeed. There are many of us on staff who wear many hats, I feel that it opens up more options in the long and you get a lot more productivity done, along with expanding. Also in the sense of why wait on someone else to do something, when you can do it yourself. Lessons…
– Women in the music business are often discriminated against, and their abilities often downplayed. While this still does occur in the world of rock and metal, it is far less commonplace. Why do you think the metal and rock scenes seem to give the ladies more credit, support, and equality than most other genres?
It takes balls for a women in this business to stand out. The rock and metal scenes I feel are pretty ballsy. You go in with bang you leave with a boom at a show an everlasting impression, just like when a women is goes all in with business in these scenes, She leaves an impression.The independent attitude, hence ballsy. two and two go together.
– What’s up next for Voodoo Queen Management, and what new projects can we expect to see you involved in during the coming months?
2017 is going be one VQM’s biggest years I feel so far. Some of the big things that are happening this year are VQM Roster band Methane who is based in Sweden will be doing a tour this spring in the U.S. Along with the Black Carpet Awards Event also held this spring, You can expect many tours happening as well, along with album releases, interviews.
Some new things you can see me involved in are being the Voodoo Dolls Models Spokeswoman for 2017 along with writing reviews and interviews, working on meet and greets in the local area, traveling to shows over the summer months for photography, representation of VQM. and Voodoo Dolls, along with support. Involvement with our Reboot Program which brings the world of music into the lives of children. as well as many different avenues. It is hard to say sometimes what I will be doing as my involvement is many different avenues. But all I can say is I’m ready.
Kelly Mason
Chimera Magazine