The Alpha Fire: A ‘Magnified’ Rock Band on the Rise

Chimera Magazine recently caught up with Rochester, NY’s own The Alpha Fire, to talk about their breakout success, as well as some exciting new projects in the works.

-Tell us about The Alpha Fire and how you guys got started.

The Alpha Fire got started when Naren and I got together with a mutual friend (Sal G from Staind) and starting working on songs together. After about 6 months, Naren and I knew we had something that we wanted to start a band with, so we recruited Jesse Maty to play bass, and Jesse recruited Zane Pointon to play drums. Jesse played bass for the first few shows and then switched back to guitar (his natural instrument) when Bryan joined the band to play bass.

 -If you were going to introduce someone to The Alpha Fire, which song would you play for them and why?

I would probably play them Trail of Tears, because it’s our single, and it shows the catchy aggressive side of what we do, but also has eclectic elements sprinkled into it. We like to showcase our musicianship as well as writing quality memorable meaningful songs.

 -What is the writing process typically like for the band? Do you consciously get together with the intent to create, or do the songs typically evolve from jam sessions?

We share ideas via google drive, and whatever ideas seem to grab our attention get worked on first. We are able to prepare individually for writing sessions that why, I think it helps us be efficient with our time and still have fun being creative together.

 -Your EP ‘Magnified’ was released in September of last year. Tell us about the recording process and what you learned from the experience.

‘Magnified’ was a blast to record. We did it with Kevin Murphy at Oblivion Studios in Rochester. We loved working with him, he makes everything very casual and easy for us. We just took the 5 songs that we complete at the time and started tracking them, there was no real song selection to it. We wanted to showcase our diversity, which I think we did.

 -Your video for the song “Trail of Tears” off ‘Magnified’ is incredibly impressive with amazing production quality. Can you tell us who directed and shot the video, as well as what some of your favorite parts of the process were?

The Trail of Tears video was shot and directed by Wade Spencer (Imagen Records). Wade is a brilliant mind and super fun to work with. We were able to use an old abandoned US Army base in Romulus called the Seneca Army Depot to shot it. They allowed us to burn anything and everything in sight, which is what created the firey images all throughout the video. The cops did come at the end of the day from all the smoke, but we escaped without tickets, haha!

 -During the making of the EP the band mentioned that it wanted to make its music more accessible. Were there any challenges faced in doing this and what has the response been like?

We definitely want to make music that is accessible to all ages groups and styles. We don’t set out TO do that, it’s just part of what happens naturally. It is challenging if you concern yourself with the opinions of rock/metal fans who might think songs like “Creaking Rope” aren’t “cool” because there’s no chugging guitars. We feel heaviness is derived from emotional quality, and that song in particular is full of feeling. We don’t really care what people think, we just create what we feel. The response has been great! The EP is doing well, the shows are busy, people are connecting to the songs. It’s all good.

 -Recently you hinted on Facebook that the group has some new music in the works. Any spoilers about you can offer up to fans?

We are working on another release currently, as well as a new single and video for a song called “Lost and Found” that we feel extremely excited about. We also lost our drummer in January when Zane moved to France. We have replaced him with someone VERY well known, everyone will soon find out. It’s a huge opportunity for us.

 -CNY and NNY have an extremely inclusive metal scene and the musicians are refreshingly supportive of one another. What is it about being a part of this scene do you guys enjoy the most?

We enjoy seeing old friends and networking with each other. Cliff from Supermassive and I have been helping each other out with some business related stuff, for example. We want to see the extremely talented musicians from this area get the credit that they deserve, and Supermassive is a great example of a band that is going places. There’s nothing better than playing with bands that you enjoy their music and have mutual respect with.

 -Between recording and shows, the band had a packed schedule in 2016. What does 2017 hold for the future so far and what do you hope to accomplish this year?

The near future holds many things for us, including acclimating to our new drummer and rolling out our new single and video. We have lots of great bookings this summer already, and we are going back to NYC to showcase for a label again in the spring as well. We are going to keep writing, recording, and playing our tails off until we get where we need to go.

-Finally, where can fans keep up to date with the latest from The Alpha Fire, including upcoming shows?

The best way to keep up with us is via facebook. And please share our music and events with your friends. We love this area and we want to collaborate with all of you!


Kelly Mason

Chimera Magazine