Chimera Magazine talks with Fall of Humanity

  • Tell us a little bit about Fall of Humanity and how you got started?
Marcus – Fall of Humanity started as an experiment to try something I haven’t done before. It took me a long time to find my voice. Plus, to find the right people needed to make the band a reality. I mainly write about whats wrong with our country… in my opinion, not so much politically based, more of our society falling apart.
  • I really felt the story you wrote in the “About section” on your Facebook page. When you said “the world has grown distant and cold and “we have replaced friends and neighbors with computers and phones” Is this the message you guys are trying to convey to listeners? Are you hoping to break these social habits and promote a genuine sense of unity and brotherhood among fans?
Marcus – You want to take that?
Doug – Um… yeah, sure (laugh). I’m not sure if it’s something that we openly push out there on the regular. I know that from a lyrical standpoint, these types of things are touched upon and I know that those are opinions that we all personally share in that regard. I’d say that those are things that we feel strongly about and certainly don’t mind standing by, but at the same time, I’m a big proponent of having people take what they want from music. I don’t think it’s our job to tell people how they should feel about our music or lyrics and explain to them how they should be perceived. I think it should be left to the listener or our fans to explore and interpret for themselves. If they find that it’s something that resonates with them… very cool. I think we try to throw it out there, but we’re not trying to preach at people either.
  • What is your writing process like when creating songs? Do you guys all start on a new song together, or does a member bring up an idea that everyone then builds off and adds to?   
Marcus – In the beginning, we had some song ideas already written amongst myself and Mike with Jimmy. That was kind of the glue that helped mend the band originally. In those days when I was touring a lot with other bands trying to make a living, Mike, Doug, and Jimmy would put songs together and I would basically just write lyrics while on the road. I think I wrote the majority of our songs on airplanes. I don’t know what it is, I just feel comfortable on a plane… just me sitting alone with my thoughts trying not to engage in a conversation with the stranger next to me. I’ll order a ginger ale, and a Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary mix “with no vodka ” and start writing.
Doug – Yeah, a lot of the time someone will bring in a couple of riffs or a skeleton and we’ll just start hammering away. Make tweaks and adjustments as we feel them and go from there.
  • If you were to introduce Fall of Humanity to someone for the first time, what song would it be and why?
Marcus – Off the EP, I would personally say, End of an Era. I just think that’s a great ice breaker for a new listener to kind of get where we’re coming from and going with this band. What do you think, Doug?
Doug – I’d still probably say, Hulk Blood. It’s definitely the one that grabs most people. I think it just captures a lot of that raw energy and vibe that we have as a band.
  • Say someone is a seeing you guys perform for the first time? What can they expect to experience from a live show?
Marcus – Energy and fun! We are a very fan and family oriented band. We always include the people in front of us in every show. Our shows aren’t about us playing songs in our eyes. They are about getting peoples minds off the rest of their problems for a little while. Scream, jump, mosh, sing… whatever. Just let go of your problems and live in that moment with us.
  • Speaking of shows, what would you consider your favorite show thus far?
Marcus – Mine was definitely the Black Forest in Eugene, Oregon! We played with our friends, the Athiarchists, Agnozia and Amelia. The bands were incredible as always, but I think the coolest part was the bar let anyone in. And when I say anyone I mean anyone! A bunch of homeless people came in, came right up to the front and unleashed! They were moshing, screaming and having a blast! It was crazy. Doug, what was yours brotha?
Doug – That was a good one. Jeez, that’s tough. Probably, for me anyways, Storm Fest in Omaha last year. Was a good to day to hang amongst ourselves, plus I got to chill and play with a childhood friend who coincidentally plays drums in a band called Green Death in Iowa. And the show slammed. Played for a packed room of people who had no idea who we were, but they just jumped on it from note one and really fueled the performance that night.
  • If you could headline a national tour with any bands of your choosing, which ones would you want to tour with?
Marcus – Right now, headlining is a terrifying word. (laugh) We are just too young of a band. I would want to go out and support bands like, All That Remains, Lamb of God, or Killswitch Engage.
  • Your song “Hulk blood” is awesome! What was the inspiration behind that song? Does it have a special meaning?
Marcus – I wrote that song about my buddy, Peter and myself. Peter was always asking me to write a, Hulkblood. So one day i started thinking about my own personal struggles and what the term Hulkblood meant to me… and no, it’s not a Dimebag thing. I understand that that’s the first idea that comes to mind, especially with my 10 years teching for Hellyeah.
  • I have noticed you guys have played everywhere from Houston to Oregon. What is the strangest thing you have had happen on the road?
Marcus – Doug, you want me to tell it? (laughs)
Doug – Wait, which one?
Marcus – Well, this is a story about our friend, Ricky. Once upon a time we were driving through Montana or Wyoming.
Doug – (laugh) No, we were in South Dakota.
Marcus –  Oh, yeah! We were. This is where we met Ricky. He was standing in the middle of the road . He was kind of large for a raccoon, but that didn’t mean he was heartless. Well, not yet anyways.
Ya see… Ricky didn’t wanna move when we were driving 70 miles an hour at 3 in morning and unfortunately… we hit him. We thought it was over and talked about it and came to the general conclusion that maybe Ricky had dodged us and went on to have many baby raccoons. So about an hour down the road we pulled over to switch drivers… and Ricky didn’t make it. (laugh) Doug, you want to take it from here?
Doug – Yeah, Ricky’s carcass  had gotten caught in our trailer hitch and we had basically been dragging his then lifeless body for that whole way. I actually had to unhook his intestines from the hitch with a plastic fork. That was messed up, but I was actually thinking about the time we almost got flooded out in Corsicana, Texas.
Marcus– Oh, man! That was nuts.
Doug – We do not have time for that though.
Favorite place to eat when you guys are back in Syracuse?
Marcus – Oh, man. Well, I love pho… so I frequently visit the Noodle House in North Syracuse.
Doug – Hmm… I don’t get to eat out as much as I’d like. I’m gonna hedge here and say the Dinosaur.
  • What’s coming up next for you guys? What does 2017 hold for Fall of humanity and where can fans keep up to date on your latest releases and shows?
Marcus – Well, we’ve been focused on writing for the most part this year. Have got a busier schedule as far as shows goes for the spring. Going to do our best to keep pressing forward. Just keep up with us on Facebook…


-Derek Jones, Chimera Magazine