Blessed Curse ‘Beware of the Night’ Album Review

Three piece thrash metal band Blessed Curse have just released ‘Beware of the Night,’ a 5 song EP featuring rapid fire riffs amidst a battery of bass, pedals and brutal vocals.  For this record the band teamed up with Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exodus), the same man who produced the group’s 2012 debut record.  “Recording with Juan has been a great experience in the past and this time was no different,” drummer Derek Bean says.  “I feel like this whole session was an improvement from the 2012 self-titled album from our playing to the final masters.  We worked timely and efficiently on getting these songs recorded to the best of all our abilities, which definitely shows in the final release.”

The cover art of ‘Beware of the Night’ continues the theme of the band’s first album, featuring “The B.C. Beast,” a menacing, quite possibly rabid bitten werewolf, this time designed by Brian Lewis (DevilDriver, Black Label Society).  The visuals definitely create a powerful first impression, and will make fans of early metal nostalgic for the likes of Iron Maiden’s Eddie or Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead.  The moment you press play on the first track, “Faster Than Hell” you’ll be instantly transformed to a time when thrash metal was a god and there was no tempo too fast.  The song is power driven with the grit of a circle pit at that club you promised your mom you’d never go to.  Likewise “Berserker” features ‘Ride the Lightening’ era riffage with a chugging, aggressive bass and guitar. “Sent to Die”, “Call Upon the One” and “Nightbreed” follow a similar suit, with gritty, Dani Filth style vocals and shredding solos that seem to be inspired at least partly by Tony Iommi.

‘Beware of the Night’ is straight up thrash metal, and fans of Slayer, Testament, and the likes should enjoy this album.  “Faster Than Hell” alone is definitely worth a listen, and should get your adrenaline pumping even faster than their drummer can pound the pedals.


Kelly Mason

Chimera Magazine