Plagues of Endeavor Talk Upcoming Show With Unearth, Inspirations, and Current Projects.

Photo: Daniel Finkelstein

We recently spoke with Dan Callaghan – the vocalist of Rochester, NY metalcore band Plagues of Endeavor. They have an upcoming show with Unearth, and Fit For An Autopsy on 4/9/2017.

Tell us a bit about Plagues of Endeavor and how you got started.

          Plagues of Endeavor was started over a year ago by myself (the vocalist).  I wanted to form a band where I could share my personal experiences in an aggressive style, but I also needed to make sure it was with other people who shared similar ideals and goals.  Since we have started, Plagues of Endeavor has had multiple lineup changes with the bassist and myself being the only original members.

-I really like “Strength Through Struggle”, Can you tell us about your writing process for that song and any message you are trying to send? 

          I wrote the lyrics for “Strength through Struggle” based off a personal experience.  Over a year ago, my ex walked out of my life unexpectedly.  Years were thrown away and there was nothing I could do to fix it.  It forced me to really question my existence and purpose.  The song and music video shows this struggle and depicts the actor eventually walking away from suicide.  I think it’s extremely important to focus on the positives in your life even when everything seems lost.  Focusing on things like music, working out, or even just talking to someone close can be so beneficial.

-If you were to introduce Plagues of Endeavor to someone for the first time, what song would it be and why?

          If I were to introduce Plagues of Endeavor to someone for the first time, I would have them listen to “Strength through Struggle.”  I feel that is one of our best songs with the original lineup and it shows so much aggression and emotion all in one.  Also, we have a music video out for it. 

-You guys are opening for UNEARTH 4/9/2017 in your hometown – what were the reactions of the band when being told of this awesome news?

          We absolutely, can’t wait to open up for Unearth!  They have been one of my personal favorites since I was a kid and I know the other guys love them too.  Add Fit for an Autopsy to it and some killer locals; it’s going to be one hell of a show.

-Say someone is a seeing you guys perform for the first time? What can they expect to experience from a live show?

          People can expect a high energy show with lots of riffs, crushing break downs, and meaningful lyrics. 

Speaking of shows, what would you consider your favorite show thus far?

          It’s really had to pick a favorite show, but I think we really liked doing the Battlecross and Allegaeon show back in November.  It was a really heavy show and it was the last one we did before I went on a short deployment for the guard.  It was an overall, great experience. 

-Your songs sound produced very well, where do you guys record and what’s that process like?

          The three songs that we have out now were instrumentally recorded by us and then vocals and mixing were done at Watchmen Studios. 

-Say you had the opportunity to support a national tour of your choosing, which 3 bands would you choose and why?

          Three of our favorite national bands include August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, and After the Burial.  If there was ever an opportunity to tour with all or any of those bands, that would be amazing.  I know those bands speak both musically and lyrically to all of us in the band. 

-What’s in the works for Plagues of Endeavor and what can fans expect next?

          We have a lot coming up for the band.  Our next single is being recorded as well as many upcoming shows.  Fans can expect a tight sound, along with our newer stuff becoming more technical.  We have a newer lineup that is the best fit yet and everyone is bringing so much more to the table.  Our next single will be on American Villain Volume 3 and it will be handed out at Warped Tour!

-Where can fans keep up to date on the latest music and news from Plagues of Endeavor?

          Fans can keep up to date with Plagues of Endeavor through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, Itunes, and more!


Plagues of Endeavor is:                                   

Vocals : Dan Callaghan
Bass : David Terry
Guitar : Nate Sweet
Guitar : Conner Haun
Drums : Justin Honan
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