Hemingway Hero + Sorry, No Sympathy kickoff The Lightbringers Tour

Photos: Derek Jones

The first stop of The Lightbringers Tour featuring Hemingway Hero and Sorry, No Sympathy rolled into Denver Colorado Thursday night.  I walked into the Marquis theater not quite sure what to expect.  I had heard both bands on Spotify and really liked the sound but as any music fan will tell you, sometimes good studio production doesn’t translate well for all live shows. 

            First up was Sorry, No Sympathy – a metalcore outfit hailing from Laramie, Wyoming.  Laramie is a small picturesque city of 30,000 people, not known for its metal scene.  However, their sound was by no means small.  These guys took the stage as if they were on a mission.  That mission conceivably could have been to promote their new EP Evolve/Dissolve, which was released that night. They absolutely tore the place apart. At one point I could hear a fan scream out “This is why I drove here!” before being pulled away into the mosh pit.   Chace Corrigans Vocals are impressive, the type of intense screams you can feel in your chest. You could tell he was putting genuine emotion into his performance. Their lyrics are filled with positive messages and their live show is comparable to a cross fit workout.  You really get the sense that these guys are a tight group of friends. Feeding off of each others energy the entire set. I highly recommend checking these guys out. You can find the video for their new single Complacency on YouTube and the new EP Dissolve/Evolve is on Spotify and ITunes Music.
Sorry No Sympathy is:
Chace Corrigan-Vocals
Trevor Kuma- Guitar/Vocals
Sean McGee-Bass
Blaise Turcato-Drums
 Set List:
1. Last Walk
2. Complacency
3. Tendencies
4. Cognitive Dissonance
5. Bloom


    The moment Hemingway Hero took to the stage it was as if a musical bomb had gone off. I don’t remember seeing a band with this much energy on stage in a very long time.  Opening with the crushing “Dissidence” they refused to let the crowd stand still.  I stood in awe as I watched drummer Alex Armstrong spin his sticks in the air and hammer them down without missing a single beat.  I was completely floored by how much passion these guys brought to the stage. Storming through an 8 song set list that was over far too soon. The highlight of the night for me came during the encore when singer Trax Henderson told a story about the band spending some time in one of my favorite places in Massachusetts. Hemingway Hero then closed the night with “Braintree” and fans were cheering for more as they made their way to the bar for a much needed drink. I made the decision to check this show out based on a suggestion from Spotify and I am quite pleased with the result. I left Colorado with a profound respect for these two bands and a playlist full of new music. The Lightbringers Tour wraps up at the MOXI in Greeley Colorado on April 11th.

Hemingway Hero is:
Johnny Sonmore | Guitar & Vocals
Trax Henderson | Vocals
Jamey Padilla | Guitar
Alex Armstrong | Percussion


1) Dissidence
2) Redline
3) Lightbringer
4) Valor
5) Lazy November Sky
6) So it Goes
7) Sharkbait
8) Braintree (encore)

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Hemingway Hero

Sorry, No Sympathy


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