With Heavy Hearts – Melodic Swedish Metal Band Talks With Chimera

Derek Jones / Photojournalist

With Heavy Hearts

-Tell us a little bit about With Heavy Hearts and how you guys got started?

      We are four guys with a passion for heavy music, we got started in the spring of 2015, releasing our first EP SPARKS.

The band started with me (Adam, vocals) and Emil (Guitar), who have been friends for a long time, wanted to do something together and started Whh as a studio project.

Then we met Magnus(Bass) by a chance and the same with Pontus (Drums), then the EP turned out really well, so we decided to go for it!


 –Your debut album “The Mirrors Principle” is amazing! What was your creative process for the songs on that album? Do you guys all start on a new song together, or does a member bring up an idea that everyone then builds off and adds to?  

      Thanks! Well, it’s different every time, sometimes we create songs together and sometimes Emil can show us an idea and the rest of us add our touch to the song.

The idea was to make something heavy and melodic, the theme of the album is taking a good look at one self and realize you might not have been making the best decisions in life.



-Speaking of songs, I absolutely love the song “Blind eye” Could you tell us a little bit about the influence and meaning behind that song?

      The song is about being tired of how you lived your life, its about trying to get people to “Turn a blind eye” and get a new start.

I’m sure everyone at some point just felt that you’re on a path you don’t want to be. 



-You guys originate from Sweden, A country known for its contributions to Melodic Death Metal.  Bands such as In flames, Dark Tranquility and Soilwork have all left their marks on music. So what do you guys bring to the table musically that bands before you have not? 

      Well, I would say we’re definitely on the “Gothenburg sound”, but what we bring into this genre is a new, modern touch I think.



-If you could hit the road with any bands right now who would they be? Dream tour?

      Definitely In Flames, we’ve been listening to them forever it feels like, so yeah definitely In Flames!



-How about a little word association? I’m going to throw out a few words… give me a two to three word response.

  In Flames – Best band ever

Pantera WALK

Gothenborg – Birthplace of melodic metal

Stage Dive – Love it

Swedish Girls – beautiful

American Girls – Want to meet


-Do you guys do the band full time or do you all have other jobs? 

      We all have other jobs besides the band, but hope to be able to live on the music at some point


 -Where do you hope to be as a band in the next 5 years? 

     Touring the world, having lots of great fans, seeing the world together.


 -You guys are from Örebro Sweden, what is the music scene like there? Do you ever travel outside of Sweden to perform?

 It’s great, we’ve been doing lots of great shows here. We haven’t traveled outside of Sweden yet, but we’ve had some offers but it has not been possible to do it.

We are trying to make everything work so I hope we’ll get out there soon!


-Speaking of shows, to date what is your most memorable live experience? 

 Opening up for Scar Symmetry I think, it was really fun, great guys!


-What is a typical WHH show like? 

      Lots of energy, a tight performance and we just try to have as much fun as possible


-Are there any good local bands you would like to introduce us to? Any favorites?

     Mark Zero from Gothenburg, we are playing a lot with them right now, great guys


– So what can fans expect next for WHH and where can keep up to date on your latest releases and shows? 

      We are currently doing some shows, after that we’re going to the studio to write new songs.

You can follow us on our Facebook for updates, follow us on Youtube and Spotify for latest releases.




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