She Must Burn – ‘Grimoire’ Album Review


                 Dark, gritty, and haunted.  These are just some of the words that are best suited to describe She Must Burn, the black metal band making waves across the pond.  Just like the London fog from the country they hail from, She Must Burn offers up music that is eerie and nightmarish, but in a grimly poetically way.   The band has opened up for acts such as Carnifex and Cradle of Filth, solidifying their status in the rock world as ones to watch.  Their latest record, ‘Grimoire’ is reflective of that mood, offering up 9 twisted tracks sure to delight death core and dark metal fans. 

                One thing that sets this record apart from some of its peers is the balance between the beauty and brutality.  Songs such as “Faster Than Hell,’ ‘Sent to Die’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’ showcase the group’s dark side, with guttural vocals, aggressive breakdowns, and experimental chord progressions that are equal parts skill and grit.  Another highlight of the album is Daniel Ristic whose faster-than-the-speed-of-sound drums and outside the box beats take center stage on tracks such as “Gloom” and “The Wicked.” 

                The most surprising turn of the album however, comes in the form of “A False Heaven,” a delicate, classic inspired instrumental piece that offers up a softer, much needed intermission of sorts between songs that largely fall on the heavier, more forceful side.   This track, as well as the album opener “Ritual,” displays the band’s ability to show restraint rather than merely offering up a roster of songs that are brutal just for the sake of being so. 

                ‘Grimoire’ is quite frankly an exciting release that I found myself rushing to work to listen to.  If I were to recommend one track in particular it would have to be “Victoria,” which smartly displays each member’s greatest strength.  Others however, will prefer the band’s latest single “After Death,” a hard-hitting, slayer of a track that will likely serve as an introduction to the band for many.  The video for “After Death” is sexy and stylish, and offer up stunning visuals that really reflect the dark imagery of the album cover.  There’s no doubt that She Must Burn is a dark band with a bright future, hopefully both in the U.S. as well as abroad.  ‘Grimoire’ is currently available for purchase on a variety of sites, including iTunes and the band’s web page.  For more information on the latest release as well as upcoming shows you can follow the band at


Kelly Mason

Chimera Magazine