Break Of Aggression Talk Inspirations and Future Plans

Derek Jones / Photojournalist

Tell us a little bit about Break of Aggression and how you guys got started?

Sean: I thought we were going to be a volleyball team…
(guys all laugh)
Brandon: It originally started out with me and a couple of guys who just wanted to play metal. So we wrote some tunes and gave ourselves the name Break of Aggression.
Sean: This band has been through a lot of different stages and incarnations.
Dez: Sean and Brandon got me drunk and convinced me to play.

What does the name Break of Aggression mean?

Brandon: It’s really about taking a break from society and taking some time to get out some aggression through our music.
Sean: We are mostly just known by the acronym B.O.A., now. That’s what most people refer to us as. To me, it’s really about letting it all go for that hour we are on stage.

Your debut album “Debts Paid” was released in 2014 and it rocks! Is there a follow up album currently in the works?

Brandon: We have lots of material. We’ve been mostly focused on finding a new drummer and then moving forward with the material we have.
Sean: The next album will be more evolved. Something completely unique like the first album was. I want the same feeling we get with the songs from the first album. I want people to walk away thinking it’s unlike something they’ve heard before.
Dez: We definitely want a more polished second album.

What is the best thing about being a member of BOA?

Dez/Sean/Brandon: It’s a brotherhood..
Sean: We make music that I enjoy, myself. I actually walk away playing, still humming it in my head. We can’t be equated to any other band on the radio. I like that we are unique.
Brandon: Yeah, I like when people say they’ve never heard anything like our music.

You guys have shared the stage with some great bands including Saliva, Tantric and Dog Fashion Disco. What has been your favorite show to date and do you have any pre gig rituals or traditions?

Sean: Empire Shall Fall was one of my favorites to date. Jesse Leach was awesome! The energy at that show was off the hook.
Brandon: Our drummer, Dave was literally jumping over people to get us in a picture with Jesse Leech
Pre gig rituals:
Dez: We always do a shot in honor of our drummer who died. David Sanborn. He used to say “hail space!” So we always do a shot of Jack Daniels for him and we all say, “Hail Space, Hail Sanborn!”
Brandon/Sean: Definitely the Sanborn shot of Jack.

If you could tour the country with any bands who would they be?

Brandon: Black Label Society, for sure!
Sean: Agreed, Black Label Society. Also, Hell Yeah would be awesome.
Dez: I’d want to play with Down and SuperJoint Ritual.

As music fans yourselves, what bands or songs do you find yourselves listening to when you get the chance?

Sean: A LOT of Tremonti! (everyone agrees) All That Remains. I think Oli is an amazing guitar player. Red Tower is a really great new project as well.
Brandon: Hell Yeah, Frog Leap Studios on youtube.
Dez: Gemini Syndrome, Pantera, Metallica, Monuments.

What are some things you hear most in terms of fans connecting to your music? Are they drawn to lyrics? To the riffs? Live shows?

Brandon: The groove. Everyone seems to love that groove we have. When we played in Rochester, recently, I had a man tell me that he and his son listen to our music all the time. They described it as the most relaxing metal they have ever heard.
Sean: I think it’s just us, our energy. People really seem to just want to hang with us and listen to us play. The audience is always a part of the show at our gigs. We are like a giant family.
Dez: I think it’s because what we play is so original that is music for everyone. Anyone can relate to the music and get something from it.

Speaking of the writing process, are the songs written by one member or do you get together and jam until something feels right?

Sean: Brandon usually comes up with a cool riff and I criticize the hell out of it… hahahahaha. It’s really something we all work on together.
Brandon: Yeah, it’s definitely something we all work on together at some point, but we can’t all be together all the time, so there are parts of songs that each person comes up with and we put them together.
Dez: I just go along with whatever to shut them the hell up.
(everyone laughs)

Where can fans keep up to date with the latest from Break of Aggression, including upcoming shows?
Twitter: @breakofaggression607
Instagram: breakofaggression

Sean: Maybe a flyer on that telephone pole down by what used to be Music City