DIVINEX – ‘Create, Affect, Repeat’ Review

Derek Jones / Photojournalist

DIVINEX is a Rochester, NY based Instrumental, progressive metal band. According to their biography they are an “exploration of progressive metal unlike any other. Incorporating advanced and intricate guitar parts, along with automated electronic elements. While also stating that “Each song is an adventure” This description is the most understated thing I have ever encountered while reviewing music….Ever. Divinex is a drug. Divinex is the musical equivalent to DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and for those who are not familiar; it’s quite literally the stuff dreams are made of.

I had the opportunity to review the new LP Create, Affect, Repeat and it quite literally floored me. I want readers to understand that while I have loved music my entire life, I have no formal training in intricate chord structures or the technical details that go into writing music as beautiful as this. So with apologies to Divinex I am going to attempt to describe how this album makes me feel as your moderately knowledgeable music fan.

I close my eyes as I push play. The first track “Discovery, Verbatim” begins to grab hold of my entire being. I feel as though I am falling slowly through space, darkness engulfing me. The music causes small bursts of light to pop to life all around me. Suddenly…. Supernova. The music explodes light. Guitar chords wrap me in colorful strings of light as I journey on through the rest of album. I can only compare what I am experiencing to early psychedelic windows computer screen savers. Heavy tracks like “Construct the Prototype” can crush you with the force equivalent to the pull of a black hole. While others like “Parallel Pathways I” make you feel as if you are floating along on bursts of air. This entire album feels random and structured all at the same time.

I am just past the midway point of the album when I realize there isn’t one song I have felt like skipping. There isn’t one song that feels out of place or excessive to the album as a whole. For the track “Collide” the band recruited the guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi, and it’s nothing short of a musical masterpiece. I can see exactly why he decided to contribute his talents to this album. Create, Affect, Repeat sadly comes to a close with the 12 minute track “Immortalize” a track which I consider a statement about the album itself. This album has exceeded any expectations I could have ever had for this supremely talented group of musicians. My only regret for this album is that I couldn’t possibly put into words how great it truly is. In my mind Divinex, can hold its own with the likes of Animals as Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater. I cannot wait to see what is next for these guys.

Divinex is:

                                            Jay Wolff – Guitar / Background Elements
Jon Davis – Guitar
Pat Cerino – Drums