One Step From Falling Talks HEADY METAL

We spoke with One Step From Falling(Syracuse, NY) they are a conduit for a rare breed and style of music baptized in the name of Heady Metal. Since 2011, they have captivated, mesmerized, and surprised audience after audience with their unique sound, and energetic live performance.

-Tell us a bit about One Step From Falling and how the band formed.

One Step From Falling is a group of four guys from NY with a similar addiction: music! We didn’t choose it, it chose us! That’s the short history of OSFF and HEADY METAL

-You guys were just recently signed with Recked Entertainment out of Nashville, congratulations on that first and foremost. What does this mean to you as a band, and what were your reactions when you found out?

We are excited and eager to work with Recked Entertainment and our manager, Robin! To us, it’s just kinda like the next level on our path to our next destination. Level up, game on!

-What have been some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects in the history of the band?

The most rewarding by far is the reaction we get, and the connection our music has with people. Our biggest challenge is not falling from the wayside and keeping our heads on tight.


-The past few months you have been putting in time at the studio. How has that been going, and can you tell us a bit about your recording and writing process?

We would like to tell you more….but all we can say right now is that we are working with Grammy Recognized Engineer and good friend, Juan ‘Saucy’ Peña.

Saucy has had a lot of success with a wide range of talent and genres; so…we’re all bringing out different musical aspects and visions to the band. It’s helping our music take shape.

We’re hoping THE CHIMERA MAGAZINE will get the first taste of STUCK, in just a few months….

-Which musicians, past or present have influenced the band to take the direction it has?

Music, in general, influences us…the timbre, rhythm, lyrics, melody…Though, we are heavily influenced by the music from our upbringing and a lot of the music today.

-If One Step From Falling was to be apart of a US tour with any 3 bands of your choosing, which bands would you chose and why?

We are going on tour this year with Caustic Method and Hate Grenade….currently en route to captivate audiences all over the United States! If we could add an eclectic mix to boot: Adesta, Supermassive and Super Killer Robots

-Tell us what “being successful” as a band means to you.

Being able to survive on our passions and inspirations.

-What message are you trying to deliver as a band to your fans, and are there any lyrics specifically that you and most people feel they can relate to?

Music is universal: People can relate to it in many ways. We’ve been fortunate to receive an overwhelming connection with people and their energy in the audience. It just keeps pushing our brand of HEADY METAL. A dynamic sense tingling sound that goes straight to your head.

-If you were to introduce someone that hasn’t heard music from OSFF, which song would you recommend to them and why?

Just put in an OSFF album and just push play!

-What can fans expect from OSFF in the future, and where can fans stay up to date on the latest releases and shows?

We have a lot of big things happening with the upcoming release of our new album and supporting tours. We encourage everyone to stay connected thru our social media and at

One Step From Falling is:

Steve Reith – drums, lead vox
Josh Skellett – thick strings
Pete Krell – Lead strings, vox
Bob Bardou – Strings, vox