An Interview with For the Dead Travel Fast

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the guys in For The Dead Travel Fast. This Bath NY based metal band is one of the more mysterious groups in the scene today. Having one of the most intense live shows I have seen in a long time, I had to find out what makes these guys tick.


Could you tell us a little bit about how you guys got started?

One dark and gloomy night, the Suspect and the Riffer were drinking a few beers. While the two lads played guitar, at some point Riffer turned to Suspect and said for the 10,000th time in the years they’ve known each other, “Dude, come the fuck on man. Lets start a really, really, heavy ass band.” and Suspect quickly replied “Fuck that shit dude! I don’t want to man! We’ve been in so many bands with people that didn’t give a damn. If we find a group of guys that ALL really wanna do this, sure. But I highly doubt it. Just sayin”. Long story short, in time, Riffer convinced Suspect with more beer, chicken, and porn to start a metal band. Over the next short period, they rounded us all up from the most boring parts of Steuben County. TDB (Tall Dark and Brutal) on bass, Power Glove on drums, myself doing vocals (Killer), and Shadowman on keys… and here we are.

 I am sure you guys will be asked this question many times going forward but what was the reasoning behind your masks? Are you trying to establish a level of anonymity?

Oh boy, sure have. We don’t mind though. Well, when we started out playing shows back in 2014, we played about 33 shows that spring and summer. After a while we kind of noticed we were being judged a lot in certain areas by what we looked like. Every thing is pretty much image based almost. Music is not a meritocracy anymore, sad to say. We got tired of people not even batting an eye based on what we are wearing, how “cute” we all look or “ugly” we are, how many tattoos and lip rings we have ect. So we basically said “Image? You got it. Latest fashion? Sure!!” and thus we are a morbid spoof of “Image”. Six weird, sharp dressed, no faced sonsabitches. The number one reason is cause we wanted to scare the shit out of people.

What makes you different than other masked bands?

One of them differences is definitely the music, the other difference is the masks. Other bands with masks usually go all out with the blood, make up, and overall design (which is totally rad by the way). We went for the “Less is more.” approach. We haven’t heard any complaints yet. The more we hear “…That was creepy.” “You guys totally SOUND awesome! Its different!” tells us “Job well done.”.

 Obviously being music fans yourselves you get to experience a lot of local shows, what would you say is the most frustrating part of the local music scene?

That’s a good one. To us the most frustrating part of the local music scene is the ‘clique mentality’ I guess you can call it. We don’t let it get us down though. We’d rather talk about the positive and great things from the local scene. One of those things is the people that actually come out to the shows to hear what EVERY band has to offer to the scene and music in general. That will always be our favorite part. We love them. From the heart of our bottoms.  

 Could you tell us a little bit about the artwork and the artist on your EP “Beyond the Mist” ?

The name of the band “For the Dead Travel Fast” was inspired by Bram Stokers novel “Dracula” so we figured the art for our first EP should also be inspired from the same novel. We contacted a very good friend of ours by the name of Gracy Getz, who is a young talented painter and tattoo artist currently working at the Bring Your Skin tattoo shop in Bath NY, to paint us our cover. We gave her a copy of the EP, and a DVD copy of Bram Stokers Dracula to help her come up with something awesome. She did NOT disappoint. Big shout out to her. THANK YOU GRACY!

Do you remember the album or musician that made you fall in love with heavy music?

Headmeat… hurts… too many bands… to name.

Do any of you have any pre show rituals or superstitions?

We share a bowl of sugar and drink the blood of baby seals while worshiping Satan… Just kidding. Most of the time we smoke pot and do a group fist bump. (Sorry mom.)

Where do you hope to see FTDTF in the next 5 years?

Touring the world.. FOR THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST.

Where can fans keep up to date on  new music and shows?

They can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube(currently working on.), Sonicbids, Reverbnation, (we also are working on a website that should be up within a few months) and someday in their very own back yard. \m/ Here is a snot load of links too:

Check out FTDTF (@FTDTF16):