“Metal is Built By Misfits” A Conversation with Diamond from Tetrarch

          There’s only one way to start this article on rising rock band Tetrarch, and that is to say that their resident axe shredder Diamond, just might be the coolest chick you’ll ever meet.  Chimera Magazine recently got the chance to speak with the guitarist on the band’s new single “Break the Trend,” their upcoming “Scream Out Loud” tour, and what fans can expect from their latest soon to be released record.  Much like Tetrarch themselves,  Diamond was 100% rock and roll, and 100% real, making the whole interview feel more like talking with one of your best bros than to speaking with a rock star.  Perhaps it’s the band’s foot to the pedal pace of performing and relentless song writing that keeps them so grounded.  Regardless, the group says they cannot wait to bring their new material to the masses, and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to tour yet again.

         “I love traveling!” Diamond exclaims when asked about their 22 date tour.  “I’ve pretty much been everywhere already, but I still think it’s awesome!”  The best part?  Getting back on the stage and giving their all to the audience.  “There’s nothing like it in my opinion.  I love playing live.”  Of course, if you think it’s all sex, drugs and rock and roll, well…yeah ok it’s definitely the latter, but the first two?  Only sometimes!  “Tour is funny” Diamond says with a chuckle.  “If anything out of the ordinary happens it’s a surprise.”  Naturally there are those moments of spontaneity, like the time the entire band decided to go streaking in South Beach at night, just for the giggles.  Did that include Diamond as well?  “Oh no, I’m the level-headed one!” she insists.  “But I definitely sit back and laugh!”

          In addition to being the responsible one, Diamond is also the only female member of Tetrach. When asked about her position as a woman in a male-dominated genre, the guitarist insists that rarely has she been made to feel like the minority. In fact, she champions metal as being one of the few outlets that readily include anyone, regardless of external factors. “If you look at metal and rock music, it was pretty much built by people who were kind of the misfits,” Diamond tells Chimera.  “It would be very contradictory to push out different voices, because it is built by the misfits. I have maybe encountered one or two (people) over the last five years where I’m not accepted. However, the genre is built off being different and being accepted for your differences. That is what’s beautiful about metal music.” Diamond also cites misfits as early influencers of her love of rock and roll. In fact, it was listening to Nirvana  with her mother by chance that inspired her to pick up a guitar. “I was literally in the car listening to Nirvana and I just thought it would be cool to play an instrument. I told my mom and she was like, ‘Okay!’ . She bought me a shitty guitar, and I played it like, 12 hours a day. She got me some lessons and that was that. The rest is history!

         Since then, Diamond has racked up a roster of epic, detail oriented guitar heroes, including Dimebag Darrell, Eddie Van Halen, and Slash, all of whom have inspired her to become the musician she is today.  “I love a good solo and a really good riff,” she says.  Fans can expect a ton of sweet riffs off of Tetrarch’s forthcoming album, which she says will include a good mixture of metal core and some grittier head banging tunes.  “One one hand you’ve got the heavier influences, such as Lamb of God, Gojira, those kind of bands.  On the other you get a little bit of Slipknot, a little bit of Manson.  Stuff that is still heavy, but that you hear more mainstream stations playing.”  She also states that fans can expect a variety of old and new tracks during their “Scream Out Loud” tour, though she insists that her current favorite to play out is the band’s latest single, “Break the Trend.”

        I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again: The only thing cooler than someone being an incredible musician is them being an incredible person. Chimera was honored to get to speak with Diamond, not just because we celebrate her band Tetrarch, but because she’s a sincere, down to Earth musician who is paving the way.  Not just for women, but for all of us misfits. 

        You can check out more on Tetrarch on the band’s official Facebook page, and peep the new lyric video for their single “Break the Trend” below.


Kelly Mason

Chimera Magazine