Get To Know The Diverse Musical Stylings Of Mattydale Music Collective

Derek Jones / Photojournalist


I recently had the chance to give the guys in MMC a listen. I spend so much time listening to heavy music it was nice to finally hear something that didn’t fit the norm of my listening routine. I would like to take a moment to say that I am genuinely impressed by these guys. Diverse doesn’t even begin to cover the description of their album “Dreamwyld” and their live show contains everything from Rap to Rock and everything in between. I recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of Guitarist Mat Westcott and this is what he had to say about the MMC. 


– Could you tell us a little bit about how Mattydale Music Collective got started? 

Mat Westcott – MMC got its start really from a childhood friendship between myself, Lee and Anthony. We’ve known each other for most of our lives and all grew up together in Mattydale, NY. Our drummer Ralph moved here from New Jersey when we were in high school and we’ve all been friends ever since, although we didn’t start playing together as a band until 2014.


– What was the inspiration behind the “Dreamwyld” album? Does it have a theme or a message? 
Mat Westcott- The name Dreamwyld is a reference to a music hall that existed in Mattydale in the 1930’s and the inspiration for the music contained within it is based a lot on experiences we’ve had and situations we find to be unjust. We try and write honest, meaningful lyrics that can influence people and make light of situations a lot of people go through. We have never been ones to neglect songwriting aspect of music, which we feel a lot of bands these days are doing and the result may be an awesome song musically, but empty of any real meaning.


– Who did the video for “Repeating”? How did that project come about?

 Mat Westcott- The video for ‘Repeating’ was a collaboration with Craig Andrianos (@noeggcraig). We met him through Ralph and he started coming out to a lot of our shows and we developed a friendship with him. Craig is a great dude and an awesome videographer so the partnership became an obvious fit. We were thrilled with how that video turned out. I’d definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a videographer. (Check out the video (Here)

– What would you say is your proudest musical accomplishment thus far? 

Mat Westcott- I’d have to say our greatest musical accomplishment thus far has been the completion and release of ‘Dreamwyld.’ We put a lot into that record and it’s something we are immensely proud of. There’s a lot going on musically and lyrically in that album and you’ve really gotta listen catch it all. We really set out to make an album with music as diverse as each of our own musical influences and I believe we have done that. I truly think there is something for everyone on that album.

– Do you remember what album, musician or concert experience began your love for music? 
Mat Westcott- It’s hard to say where my love for music was sparked but I think a huge part of it had to do with discovering music together as friends with Anthony and Lee when we were younger. All of our parents loved music so it was always around when we were growing up, but our adventures in discovering new music is what really made me love it.

– If you could create a tour with 4 additional musicians/bands, Local or National, who would they you choose and why? It can be anyone
Mat Westcott- I’m gonna cheat here and compile two different lists for our imaginary tour. This is tough but I think the four local bands I’d take on the road with us would beMatthew Blake & the Blues Dragons, Phantom Chemistry, Townhouse Warrior andBarroom Philosophers. All those bands are incredibly fun to see live and I think it’d be a really fun and strange time. Strange is good. As for the four national acts for our tour I’d chooseAlt + J, Mac Demarco, Father John Misty, andKurt Vile (you’re welcome, Ralph). We have drawn comparisons from Alt + J so that’s where that choice comes from and I’m a big fan of the other acts. I think that would be an awesomely diverse line up for the fans to enjoy.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process like? 
Mat Westcott- For me, songwriting usually just kinda happens. I think our subconscious has a lot to do with how we write and what we write about. Our songwriting process as a band usually starts with Lee and I getting together and I’ll play a new guitar part I’m working on and before ya know it Lee has magically put lyrics to it. That guy’s got lyrics for days, man. I’ve never really met someone with such songwriting talent. Other times songs stem from jam sessions. It could be centered around a bass line or a drum rhythm. I think our openness to experimentation is the most important part of our songwriting though. I think because we are so open to new ideas, the options are endless.

– What’s the rest of 2017 hold for you guys? New Music? Tours? 
Mat Westcott- 2017 has already been such an incredible year for us and we’re trying to keep that momentum going! We will be on the road for a few small tours before the year is over. As for new music, we have a whole batch of new songs on the horizon. We never really stop writing new music, so you’ll have a lot to look forward to!

– Where can fans keep up to date on new music and shows for Mattydale Music Collective? 
Mat Westcott-  Keep up with us on bandcamp (, Facebook and Instagram (@mattydaleMC) We’ll have a lot of exciting things happening in the coming months so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open!