Grieve & No Gods – Joint Release Album Review

Pennsylvania bands Grieve and No Gods release a joint Split EP, out 7/07/17 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. 

   Grieve, a grindcore/death metal band based in Allentown, PA, writes very short, to the point songs. There is an old-school vibe in what they do, and I can hear a definite Obituary influence in their slower parts.  Even the feedback intro to the song “Snuffed” reminded me of them. I particularly loved the guitars; raw and grinding when fast, with a hint of the speed Morbid Angel produced. Slower parts are clearly inspired by early Obituary, with the slow, heavy, groove that many death metal fans love to hear. Vocals are not of the low guttural variety, but rather higher and more in tune with grindcore than death metal; fitting, since they fit the music perfectly too. The production is well done, each instrument is audible throughout, and I truly love the rawness of it. A solid effort in their 3 tracks, and I found myself wanting to hear more. 7/10

  No Gods, who play thrashed out death metal (and are also based in Allentown, PA), have two tracks on this split. Both are longer, but not by much, clocking in at less than 3 minutes each. The first track, “Roots”, has an early Cannibal Corpse feel which that grabbed me immediately. The second track, “Gods Cruel Hand,” is even better than the first. Fast, thrashy, and with a groove; this is what I loved most about both tracks they contributed. No Gods is more on the thrash side than death metal usually is, however that is not a drawback for them; rather it is their strength. Production wise, there are no complaints at all, and both tracks sound like they could have been on a first effort album back in the late 80’s when death metal was just coming out. A solid effort. 9/10

   Overall, this is a solid split album, and on a scale of 10, it is easily an 8. It left me wanting to hear more from both bands. Excellent underground death metal from Pennsylvania!!!!

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine