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Chernobyl the Secret is easily one of my favorite up and coming bands. The moment I heard the song “7.62 FMJ//The Deluge” on Spotify, I knew I had to know more about this Austin, Texas based Metal band. A few months ago we featured the video for their single “Grotesque in Nature” and ever since I have had people asking for more information on who these guys really are. So without further do here is my interview with Chernobyl the Secret. 

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Could you tell us a little bit about how Chernobyl the Secret got started? 

– CTS started in March of 2013. Had quite a few member changes in 2014 through early 2015. And finally started a new lineup around summer of 2015. We’ve been going hard ever since! We put out our debut EP in July of 2016. A few months ago, we put out a new single/music video titled ‘Grotesque in Nature’ (which is now available on Spotify and iTunes). Also, planning to release a new EP this fall! So stay tuned!

So guys, what’s “The Secret”? 

– The “Secret” is that you have to come to a show to find out 😉 

Your song 7.62 FMJ// The Deluge has over 40,000 listens on Spotify and is quite frankly a bad ass tune. What is that song about and why the interesting title? 

– Well, it is actually the name of our intro and first song for the EP. The intro’s beat stemmed from a small inside joke, but the title came from a more direct source. It was more a direct response to a personal issue at the time. At the time, my emotions were high, and that song was the result. ‘The Deluge’ however was an interpretation of the Mona Lisa. It has an ominous and foreboding nature, so I thought it would be interesting to write about. 

According to your website you guys are based out of Austin,Texas. A city known for it’s wide variety of music. What is the metal scene like there? 

– The metal scene in Austin is a continually thriving community. There is a wide variety of metal genres ranging from pop metal to heavy down tempo chugger. Come and Take It Productions offers opportunities for all of the local metal bands to come together, and put on amazing local shows. They also give opportunities for local bands to hit the big stage, and play with some of the top names in the business to get the coverage they need for their band.

What are some of the challenges you guys face trying to make a name for yourselves in the music scene? 

– The hardest part is making the right connections to play the best shows. We have spent a lot of time advertising ourselves via social media, and have seen great results. However, as a budding band the most important part is getting large numbers to your shows. It has been a long, continuing process booking shows that will yield the best turn out. So far, I feel we have excelled in our home of Austin, and need to hit up the rest of Texas and surrounding states.

Who are some of your favorite local bands to play with?

– Some of our favorite local bands to play with are Isonomist, Rebirth, Chronologist, Imaginary Me, and Wastelanders. They are all solid, up-and-coming bands – check them out!!

What is your most memorable live show to date? 

– We feel that the most memorable show we’ve played thus far would have to be opening up for After The Burial (with Emmure, Fit for an Autopsy, Fit For A King, and Invent, Animate). There was literally a line around the block before doors, and the crowd’s energy was insane.

When I lived in Texas there was never a shortage of great places to eat. Where could we catch you guys grabbing food after a show? 

– Typically we won’t eat AFTER we play, but we always have time to kill before a show after load-in. There’s definitely a lot of places to choose from, but Ropollo’s Pizza (off of 6th st.) is a must if we’re playing downtown.

Where do you guys hope to be in the next 5 years? 

– In the next 5 years, CTS plans to be on the road showcasing our music full-time. Making a name for ourselves in the industry, hopefully to be touring with some bigger named bands. And having the chance to play big festival tours – such as Warped Tour, Summer Slaughter, and Texas Independence Fest (just to name a few).

Where can fans keep up to date on new music and shows from Chernobyl the Secret?

10) We are most active on our FB and IG.

We have an online shop with some merch and physical copies of our debut EP – you can find it here: 

You can also find us on: Youtube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and all that jazz. 

Chernobyl the Secret is:

Carlyle Champion (vox)
Britney Arkin (guitar)
Cole Kitchens (drums)
Cody Franks (bass)
Hunter Nagar (guitar)

Check out their full live set from Grizzly Hall in Austin Texas here: