Ulsect Self Titled – Album Review

Ulsect Self-Titled Released May 12th, 2017 on Seasons of Mist

   Ulsect, a group from the Netherlands who are either members, or ex-members, of bands such as Textures, Dodecahedron, and Encircled, plays a mix of doom, death, djent (I hate that term hahahahaha), tech-death, and math metal.  A Meshuggah influence can clearly be heard throughout this release, which creates a brutally heavy onslaught of sound. I have mixed feelings about math-metal and djent, as it seems to get boring and drone on, but when combined with these other genres it creates something that makes the odd time meter rhythms a bit more appealing.

   First off, I just want to point out that bassist Dennis Aarts has an immense bass tone, and his playing really helps add a great base for these songs. His playing is fantastic, and during sections that aren’t dominated by guitars it, along with the drums, truly holds things together nicely. Drummer, Jasper Barendregt, doesn’t overplay either; tasteful, with blast beats in the right sections, some nice double bass work, and just solid drumming throughout the album. Guitarists Arno Frericks, and Joris Bonis, are extremely skilled, and their guitar parts are well thought out, complex, and when need, brutally heavy. Vocals, performed by Dennis Maas, are of the death metal variety. There isn’t a bit of clean singing on here, which is something I would have liked to have heard.  There are bands out there doing the djent fashioned style that use cleans in their vocals, and I think it adds to what the song is doing.  Dennis is an excellent vocalist nonetheless.

   Overall, this is a solid disc. Fans of this style will love it, those who are looking for a bit more should look elsewhere. The only drawback I can see, is that sometimes the songs seem to blend together, they seem similar to each other. But either way, I enjoyed it, you may too, go check it out! 7/10


Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine