Want to know more about Hydrotechnics Fest? Look no further..

We here at Chimera wanted to know more about this years hottest retro EDM event, Hydrotechnics Fest. So we decided to catch up with Shane Burke, Event/Music Coordinator, Sound and Lighting Guru and all around cool guy to get the 411 on everything you need to know about the festival. Also, If you haven’t all ready get your tickets now before it’s too late (Here
Could you tell us a little bit about Hydrotechnics festival and how it got started?
– Hydrotechnics Festival is an old school rave festival meant to focus on the genres that paved the way for electronic music. Our festival started because we saw plenty of festivals focusing on modern genres that a lot of older electronic music fans were not into. Rave culture was a major part of some of our lives in the 90’s-early 00’s and just because we are growing up doesn’t mean we are growing out of it.
What makes this summer festival different than others?
– What makes us the most unique IMO is the style of music that we focus our bookings. This leads to a more mature/responsible crowd that is able to set a good example for younger event attendees on how to have a good time at a festival while enhancing everyone else’s experience as well. We do not have the mega budgets of most modern festivals however those events don’t have nearly as much community involvement as ours. Our attendees know many of the staff and festival organizers on a first name basis.
What is your role with the festival?
– I am the head of the mutiny. While the event is considered a collaboration, I spearhead most of the operations for organization’s sake . I curate the lineup ( both acts and type of styles we focus), direct the creative designs, and  plan logistical considerations with the venue . In addition to this our sister company “Supreme Sound and Lighting” is responsible for all 4 stages of production. Because this is also a company I run, I wind up being in charge of the sound/lighting/video/lasers/site lighting for the entire campground.
Which musicians are you most looking forward to seeing?
– I’m very excited for the entire headlining lineup. These have been djs near and dear to me since I was first going to shows at 16.
I was listening to mixes by : Donald GlaudeSandra Collins, Dj Icey, Dj Venom, Poogie Bear, and Dj Rap regularly and had plenty of vinyl by Drumsound and Bassline Smith. The fact that I have gotten to book all of these acts years later is an awesome feeling and I never would have pictured it being possible when I first started attending events. A lot of the acts playing push turntablism/djing to another level and are responsible for countless artists who followed in their footsteps. All of the acts keep the classic theme in mind and feature a lot of throwback material. Some go so far as to remix old tunes to make mash ups
What can newcomers expect from this festival? Is there camping? Food?
-We definitely have an unique approach to camping/hosting a festival. Attendees can expect to camp next to their car for free if they so choose ( restricted to certain areas of the campground) and we do not assign spaces/block off room. This allows the campers to find their friends and camp together. Its also nice to have enough room to setup a camping space that feels like home and a nice place to hang out. We will have some food vending but people should also bring some supplies as well.
Can people swim in the lake? 
– The lake is for scenic purposes only unfortunately. Due to how infrequent the campground is used for events it is difficult to gain the right permits to operate a beach
Where can people keep up to date on the events of Hydrotechnics festival? Website? FB?
– Either the www.hydrotechnicsfestival.com webpage or our facebook event page will help you find info for the event. Any questions don’t hesitate to write us at mutinyevents@gmail.com