Get to know DJ Mikey Parkay

This years Hydrotechnics Festival, Taking place in Afton NY  will feature a wide array of talented Musicians. We had the chance to catch up to one of them recently, Mikey Parkay. Mikey is a native to Central NY and has been spinning in the scene for many years. This year he will be bringing his turntable talents to New Yorks hottest EDM event. 
Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with electronic music?
– At the age of 13, I was introduced into the electronic music culture from my neighbor DJ Sly aka Noel Liddy and my older brother. They use to play records at the local radio station including some of the old hip-hop/house trance from guys like Armand Van Helden, Brooklyn bounce and others.  Some local nightclubs began doing “rave” nights with a lot of underground techno and house parties began to spring up around my city with local group “Vibrantsoundz promotions”. Meeting and developing friendships with some of the amazing local dj’s and friends to this day I decided to try my hand at my first major festival in 99 which was Woodstock at Griffis Air force base. The night featured acts like “Chemical Brothers”, “Fat Boy Slim”, “Sandra Collins”, and so many more. In 2001-2002 I linked up w/ resident Superstar Dose the Alien and started dj’ing the infamous “Buttons Arcade”. The venue was world known by many artists and performers and ran three nights with over 400-500 patrons all night, all weekend long. To this day I will never forget those nights in the hangar and at buttons that left this guy tattooed for life. Rave became my life and my mission from that day forward. Every job, degree, and life change I made revolved around becoming more engulfed into the culture.
You are performing at this year’s Hydrotechnics Fest in Afton, NY. Are you excited? What can fans expect from this year’s set?
– Being a local native we are only privy to a few exciting events all year that truly justify and stand for everything we are trying to build here. Between the early 2000’s and now we have seen a dramatic increase in “Bass music” only festivals and Jam band festivals that either give unjustifiable hate towards Rave music or simply don’t feel it exists to be heard. I am so incredibly excited this festival takes place and gives a home for all those Electronic music fans that go beyond the DJ mag top 100 polls. This year I have produced a slew of House, Breaks, and Techno music to play at Hydro and I cannot wait to share the stage with my brother from another mother Mr. Ian Somniak.
Are there any other artists that you are excited to see this year at Hydrotechnics?

– I have been a fan of most of the lineup playing this year in every way. Since the days of Performing at WEMF, NYC Underground Massive, Whistle, and all the old events we use to party to so much here. I am a house, techhouse, trance, dnb, breaks kind of guy so I am particularly fond of acts like Donald Glaude (house sets), Sandra Collins, Icey, Gettoblaster, Venom, Rap, Liberator, Richards, Poogie, Armani,  6blocc, Phace, Basline Smith, Parallax, Leila, Dose the Alien, Big C, Steppo, Meniscus, Don Stone. Just so many worthwhile acts to mention.

You have been performing for a while now, I remember seeing you around Central NY when I was much younger. Do you have any particular memories or performances that stand out the most to you? Is there a particular even that you enjoyed above all others?
Some particularly memorable events growing up were always that of the Bubble crew and Gac raverz, Also some over at the Westcott Theater. Some honorable mentioned were Bubble Halloween 1-18, Quikk Fixx 1-10, Skrillex, Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke, Bassnectar, Bad Boy Bill at Lava, Hatiras at Outlandish, just so many events in 20 years. I also can’t forget all the amazing locals from the area who have made me who I am today like PhunGeye, Vogel, and friends from our state. My favorite event of all time had to be either the Outlandish events w/ Hatiras, Minstry of Sound w/ Dj Dan, Quikk Fixx 10 with the biggest and best House lineup ever, or the Hydro a year ago w/ Bad Boy and everyone. That lineup was the cats Pajamas.
 What is your favorite thing about performing live?
Simply put, the Rush…….
Where can fans keep up to date on New Music or upcoming events from you?
Besides your stereotypical outlets listed below, you can find exclusive releases on Traxsource, and before anywhere else. Depending on my release I will release all my music FREE after the exclusive release on Sound cloud as well. So only those who pay attention to that will be getting a free download. I also release several (edits) that I will not fully get covered for free just for fun on some of my pages. However, here are all the primary contacts for me listed below
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