Söft Dov ‘Massacre Through Seduction’ – Album Review

        Söft Dov, a band based out of New Brunswick, NJ, plays punk rock; in their words “surreal, death crust filth rock”, and is comprised of members Mark Bronzino (also in Iron Reagan) on guitars, Ian Thompsen (also in Another Social Disease) on vocals, Erin on drums, and Söft Steven on the bass guitar. Söft Dov churns out punk rock for the modern age, and on August 4th they will unleash their first record, entitled Massacre Through Seduction, through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

        I won’t claim to know much about the death crust genre of music. However, upon listening to this album, I have become a fan of this band, and will be more likely to check out other groups who classify themselves within the same category. There is something about raw, and dirty (or in this case I guess you’d say crusty hahahaha) guitar that I absolutely love. There also some great influences that reside within these 12 songs. Motorhead, their more punk aspects, is the first that most listeners will connect to. For me, though, it is the GWAR sound that I heard the most; once again it their earlier, more punk, sound. It is never a bad thing when a band reminds me of the Scumdogs of the Universe, as I am a GWAR fan since 1990. The track that stood out for me was “Elliptical Childe”, and where GWAR’s influence comes into play the most. I truly loved the musical aspect of this song, and Ian’s vocal delivery is so befitting of it. His performance, the mix of lower, and higher, tones sounds like he’s either in pain, or the throes of an orgasm…. or both. Yes, that’s an odd description, but it was what I heard……so call me weird if you must hahaha. Album closer, “Haus”, is a cacophony of screaming guitars, feedback, and assorted other noise that can be made with guitars. It is a very cool way to end this album.

         Söft Dov, and Massacre Through Seduction, is not for everyone, but I feel safe in assuming that the band members are quite fine with that. I truly enjoyed what they came up with on this album, and fans of the death-crust punk genre will as well. For those of you that are new to it, go check it out, and I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine