Devilfire ‘Dark Manoeuvers’ Review

        Devilfire, based out of Birmingham, England, may very well be the next big thing to come out that country. Band members include Alex Cooper on vocals, Baz Blackett and Richard Bloomer Davies on guitars, Davey Bennet on bass guitar, and Lars Wickett on drums; having just come off of a 10 day run with ex-Nightwish vocalist, Tarja Turunen, and a sold out Hard Rock Hell AOR 2017 appearance, it seems to be lining up to be their year. Dark Manouevres, a self-released album, is due out October 6th, 2017. There are a couple singles out there already, and both are solid Hard Rock performances. “Waiting on a Rockstar” is immediately catchy, with an excellent lead guitar solo played over a great stop/start style rhythm section. “She’s Always on the Run” is a slower paced rocker. These songs remind me of the hard rock made in the 1980’s, but with a modern edge. The melodies are fantastic, and the performances on both songs are amazing for a debut album; I, for one, look very forward to hearing much more from this band.


Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine