TERRORBYTE At Lost Horizon

TERRORBYTE performed as finalist for KROCK’s Battle Of The Bands at The Lost Horizon. “TERRORBYTE…TERRORBYTE..” Is all that could be heard throughout the venue as the crowd chanted their name vigorously as they anticipated the forthcoming performance. Taking the stage in their signature black outfits and faceless masks, the crowd roared in excitement. The anticipation grew even more with the heavy bass giving an eerie sound as the members made their way to their positions(Sitting on top of the speakers being one of them). Having never seen TERRORBYTE live, I knew I was about to be in for a treat. Needless to say, TERRORBYTE delivered one hell of a show to the packed crowd in Syracuse, NY. The heavy industrial/metal sound this band executed flawlessly will make you think of KING 810, but with their own original unique twist. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, I highly recommend you do. They are certainly a standout group of musicians with exceptional talent in a genre where many bands seem to sound similar.


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