The Acacia Strain ‘Gravebloom’ – Album Review

        The Acacia Strain, a band from Massachusetts, plays some heavy, vicious music. I mean, heavy…think Thor’s hammer heavy, and you will be close to what these guys put out. On June 30th, 2017 they released their 8th album, entitled Gravebloom. This release is an instant punisher, with the first track, called “Worthless”, grabbing you by the throat and punching you dead in the face. Musically, it is brutality defined, and lyrically it is a bit twisted. The man in the song is plagued by a family, and a woman, that make his life miserable. He awakes to find he has murdered them all, and encounters the ghost of his wife, who informs him that, unbeknownst to him, that he has killed her and the kids. That’s just the opener, and the rest of the album is just as heavy. “Model Citizen, another track that stood out upon my listening to the album, is equally excellent. Again, it is lyrically morbid, but in that enjoyable Black Dahlia Murder kind of way. With lyrics like, “I buried them under my porch, They called off the dogs, they called off the search, May your sons and daughters rest in peace, Identified by their teeth”, and a chorus that says “The frost freezes frozen and erodes, Force fed glass as I step on your throat, Drown your sorrows, No promise of tomorrow”; this album is a bruiser to be sure.

         One of the things I really liked was that you could understand what the singer is saying throughout his growls. That’s always a huge plus, especially with so many bands that are just unintelligible in the vocal department. Vincent Bennett is a beast of a vocalist, and the only original member of the band that is left.

        Gravebloom is a fantastic album, and anyone who has listened to them, or even those who haven’t, will thoroughly enjoy this release. Go buy it, listen to it, go see them on the Vans Warped Tour this summer, and circle pit until you pass out!! \m/



Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine