Sólstafir ‘Berdreyminn’ – Album Review

        Sólstafir (which in Icelandic means “crepuscular rays”) formed back in 1995, and are based in Reykjavík, Iceland. They are a very familiar sounding band, even if you have never heard any of their music. On their latest release they sound like U2, but a heavier Edge (get it, U2’s guitarist is the Edge…ok, I’m not that funny I guess), but there are many influences within, and it is truly genre defying music. Earlier this year (May 26th) they released their 3rd album for the Seasons of Mist label, entitled ‘Berdreyminn.’ Per their Facebook page, they classify themselves as Atmospheric Rock ‘n Roll, or Pink Floyd metal. The Floyd comparison is very apt as well, especially in the 6th track, “Dýrafjörður”. It’s almost as if David Gilmour is playing the guitar on this one, and it’s an epic song. The songs here a bit on the long side, with a couple clocking just over 8 minutes, and the majority hovering right around 7 minutes in length. It’s a pretty good album, with an interesting mix of things going on within it. Tracks that stick out are “Silfur-Refur”, “Ambátt”, “Bláfjall”, and the “Dýrafjörður.”  Also, if you haven’t noticed from the song titles, it is not sung in English. Personally, I like music that isn’t in the English language, as it makes it more interesting to my ears (i.e., Rammstein, Skalmold, Heidevolk, etc.). I enjoyed it, even though I had to listen to it in 2 sessions just because it is long. It is worth a listen if you enjoy atmospheric music with a metal Edge (the Edge joke still not funny? Oh well, I laughed hahaha). So, go check out Sólstafir, give their Facebook page a like, check out some videos on Youtube, and let the music take you away to wherever it leads!

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine