From the Vastland ‘Chamrosh’ – Album Review

        So, I was sitting here one day, writing reviews for one album or another, and my girlfriend comes in all excited. She says, “I found you a band to review, and you will love them!”  So, she pulls up the group on Spotify, hits play and immediately I was floored by their sound. That band is the subject of this review, and if you love traditional black metal (a genre I normally am not a fan of, but this may now change after hearing this album), you will love the group From the Vastland. This started as a one-man project by Sina, who covers guitars, vocals, lyrics, and has had Destructhor (ex-Morbid Angel guitarist, current Myrkskog vocalist/guitarist) involved as an onstage guitarist at one point in their career. They are a now a full band, and one of true black metal proportions. Released on September 26th, 2016, Chamrosh, is old school black metal brutality, and an example of the longevity of that genre of music. The opening track, “Wizarsh” was the first thing I heard that fateful day, and is just brutal. It offers speed, precision, and an understanding that music needs slower, yet still heavy as hell, sections. “The Malkusan Witch” provides more of the same, and is also a prime example of Norwegian black metal. Title track, “Chamrosh”, is also an excellent song, showcasing all the things that make this band great such as vocal power, musicianship, songwriting, and skill. “I & My Serpents” is so good that it hurts me deep inside, and is an excellent track to be sure. Sina is an excellent vocalist, covering the black metal style, but adding in his own flair as well; making it a more listenable style than I feel traditional black metal has been in the past. The guitars are played with such precision that it makes me want to throw mine away. The bass, played by André “Tjalve” Kvebek, and drumming by Vegar “Vyl” Larsen (from Keep of Kalessin/Gorgoroth-live) are equally awesome. The production, done by Sina himself, is top notch and very professionally done. Overall, this is an epic Norwegian/Iranian (Sina is from Tehran, Iran but lives in Trondheim, Norway per their Facebook About section) black metal release.

        If I was asked to pick a favorite track from the 7 songs that make up this release, well…. I just couldn’t do it. They are all equal in my eyes, and to pick one would be wrong.  There is but one choice” to pick them all. Sina is very talented individual, and has had a vision of what this project was supposed to be from the very beginning; based upon what I’ve read online. Also, he’s a cool dude, hooking me up with a digital copy of this album to do this review, and for that we thank you! So, go check out the vastly talented From the Vastland, and attempt to not give yourself whiplash while headbanging to it. \m/

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine