Disharmony ‘The Abyss Noir’ – Album Review

        Disharmony, based out of Athens, Greece, plays a brand of heavy metal that I truly love. They sound like a mix of Sanctuary, Nevermore (my favorite band from this genre; Jeff Loomis is a shred master), Judas priest, Iron Maiden (vocally), I hear some Anthrax in there, and some Iced Earth as well. They released their newest album, The Abyss Noir, through Grimm Distribution on April 20th, 2017.

        This is an album to satisfy those who miss Nevermore as much as I do. The guitar playing is so damn good, and the vocals flow with them so well, especially in “Vain Messiah”, the 2nd track of the cd. “Delirium” opens up slower, but no less epic, and transitions flawlessly into a heavy riff. This is a track where the Nevermore influence is very apparent, but not in an overbearing way. Disharmony included a cover they recorded for the 30th anniversary tribute to Master of Puppets by Metallica; put out by Metal hammer magazine. That cover was for “Disposable Heroes”, one of the best songs on the MoP album. Normally, I hate covers. I think a band should capitalize on its own work, and not use the gimmick of doing another bands song on their album. In this case however, seeing as though it was originally on a tribute to the best album of all time, they executed it masterfully, and added in their own flair, it is a cover that works so very well. It’s fast, so fast, one of the fastest on the Puppets album, and Disharmony nailed it. The bass tone is fat, and I think Cliff Burton would be proud to hear how well they played his amazing bass lines. The leads are played like they wrote them themselves, and overall this is a very enjoyable cover. Album closer, “Song for a Friend”, is slower, and opens with some beautiful violin playing; it is also a very diverse song, with elements within from so many different areas. It’s hard to pinpoint them all, but they mesh and weave together very well, and make for a great way to end an already great album.

        So, if you guys liked any of the bands I mentioned as influences to Disharmony’s music, then go check out this fantastic band. It is well worth the listen.

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine