Gravemind ‘The Deathgate’ – Album Review


        Gravemind, another band from Australia (which seems to be the land of metal in recent times), has a new E.P. coming out August 11th, entitled The Deathgate. They play a mixture of death-core, death metal, with some djent style breakdowns; and this shit is seriously heavy. These are 6 tracks of insane brutality, and doesn’t disappoint. A lot of death metal out there sounds so much like the band before them, and before that, and so on. It’s almost a curse of the genre, but Gravemind has completely avoided that, due largely in part to their vocalist, Dylan Gillies-Parsons. His vocals can be deep and guttural, and then he screams, and then performs some spoken word sections that mix in so well. Musically, they realize that being brutally heavy all the way through every song is not conducive to good song writing, and that you can be heavy without being fast. 5th track, “Anaesthesia” is just brutal from the get go, an excellent display of guitar playing, and is very tech-death inspired in some sections (think Allegaeon, who rule the tech death genre). This song also transitions into a heavy death-core vibe, around the 2 minute mark (maybe 15-20 seconds afterwards, I was too busy listening to pay exact attention to that). Album closer, “Human” is reminiscent of something from the first album by The Last Ten Seconds of Life, before it kicks into a section that is very much Gravemind. Another track that stood out to me was “Deadspace”, with its spoken word intro transitioning into the heaviest riff on the album. Slow, grinding, and brutal as all hell. It’s a very short track, clocking in at 1:01, but it’s so awesome, segues nicely into “Anaesthesia”.

        Graveminds The Deathgate is an excellent effort from these Melbourne, Australia natives. It is also a concept album. The following is taken directly from their site,, “A lone astronaut must face the trials of an alien planet in order to survive. To do so, he must go back to the beginning, in order to change his future, he must change his mind. He must go through… The Deathgate.”

        “This EP is about the suffering we endure, simply existing. It is an unburdening of mainstream ideals, of destructive ideologies, the insane framework that we’ve created in order to feel normal”.” So now, well not now, but when it comes out, go buy it. For now though, go to their Facebook page and check out first single, “Anaesthesia”.  It is very much worth the time it takes to do so.

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine