Get To Know Boston Based Rock Trio Psychic Dog



One night a random impulse, I decided to check out a show while wandering around the streets of Boston. I happened to stumble upon the weird greatness that is Psychic Dog. They were in my opinion the coolest and best band on the bill that night. I decided to reach out and find out what these guys were all about. 


Could you tell us a little bit about how Psychic Dog got started?

Dug was in a band called HookerClops with the original Psychic Dog Bass player, Jared, from the band The Purple Nerps. Kevin was the drummer for OTP and our former bands would play together. Jared bowed out after starting a family and our friends in Idle Pilot recommended Taylor Trashman, and he has been a great fit. We are coming up on our year anniversary of our first show with Taylor and heading into almost our 5th year since the start of Psychic Dog.

Is there a story behind the band name?
I (dug) believe that most animals have a 6th sense, and Cats are more tuned in than dogs, so essentially, a Psychic Dog is a cat.
How did you guys get hooked up with Ocelot records?
Steve from Ocelot liked what I had done in terms of promotions and marketing with the last band and saw how quickly Psychic Dog were already gain some steam. Steve is a very hardworking dude who loves music and is super talented in promotions and spreading the word. A genuine Music Lover. and he is an OK drummer too. (he’s the drummer for the Digs)
Boston has a rich history of music, who are some of your local inspirations?

J.Giels Band. Pixies. Morphine.     OTP. The Knock Ups. The Guilloteenagers. Idle Pilot. Band Without Hands. Powerslut. Oxblood Forge. Great News. Burnt Village. Happy Little Clouds. Away Do. Heavy Necker. Horse Mode. Diablogato. Stars Like Ours. Upheaval. Panzer Bastard. Rebuilder. When Particles Collide. Mercury on Mars. 88 Rangers. Aneursym. Cruel Miracle  LOTSA  GREAT LOCAL BANDS 
You have some amazing T shirt and Album artwork. Could you tell us a little bit about the art and are you in any 

way influenced by the work of Ralph Steadman?

Thank You.
I am most definitely influenced by Ralph Steadman. I am influenced by cartoons and Abstract Expressionism a lot of the art that was brought from the end of WWI and the start of WWII. I do not mind showing my influences at all!
What would you say is your proudest musical accomplishment thus far?
Selling out our release party this past June. We played with some amazing bands and obviously have a great bunch of people that support us. We are REALLY lucky.   I (dug) think that after starting over with Taylor and coming back just as strong with a great band and a new album.

How would you describe yourselves to people who have never had the chance to see a Psychic Dog Show?

ROCK.  Rock with a LOT of different influences. 
Whats the rest of 2017 hold for you guys? New Music? Tour?
 LOTS OF SHOWS. and writing some new tunes and Working on a Tour with our Ocelot Label Mates Idle Pilot
8/11/17 at Middle East Upstairs
8/25/17 at Midway cafe
9/7/17 at O’Briens
9/29/17 at O’Briens
10/13/17  at Koto Tour Start – 10/21/17 Tour End in New Bedford
11/3/17 at Club Bohemia
11/19/17 at O’Briens
Where can fans keep up to date on new music and shows for Psychic Dog?
Instagram @PsychicDogBand  – @Robotglasses
Twitter @PsychicDog  –  @Robotglasses
Psychic Dog is :
Dug McCormack – Guitar/ Vocals
Kevin Kupillas – Drums/Vocals
Taylor Trashman – Bass