HIGHLY SUSPECT at Sharkey’s Summer Stage

Photos: Joshua Davis

August 8th, 2017

Highly Suspect performing at Sharkey’s Summer Stage in Liverpool, NY. 


Highly Suspect have been quite busy as of late. fresh off a performance at this years Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago IL, the boys from Cape Cod made a trip up to Syracuse to perform to a sold out crowd at Sharkey’s. They wasted no time getting the crowds attention as they started the first few bars of “Bath Salts”, a roar went through the audience. It didn’t take very long for everyone to see why these guys had been nominated for two Grammy awards. Truth be told, I have only heard a couple of Highly Suspect’s songs on the radio and they are normally not the type of band I run out to buy albums from. It’s not as if I am not a fan of the genre, I just listen to so much music that most bands simply get lost in the shuffle if they don’t immediately catch my ear. I had very low expectations for this night, but song after song I started to get a sense of who these guys were and I started to see why they could quickly sell out a show.

 One thing I can say about this band is I had no idea they Jammed so much. It seemed like almost every song was extended a few minutes by an improvised jam by the band. Johnny Stevens is definitely every bit of how a rock star front man should be. Cigarette hanging from his mouth as if he were Keith Richards, belting out guitar solos through stage fog and colored lights, taunting the crowd to scream along to his lyrics. The energy seemed to be full throttle the entire performance. 13 songs later and it seemed as if the night had come to a close. Fans around me unsure if the sudden appearance of outdoor “House lights” meant that was it for the show. Suddenly, Drummer Ryan Meyer appeared and asked if the crowd was ready to go home. The resounding NO! from the crowd meant it was time for an encore. The band concluded with “Wolf” and “Look Alive, Stay Alive” as they bid farewell to the still hungry crowd. I personally had no criticisms of the show, it was everything a good rock show should be but I will say on behalf of a friend “I wish they had played Chicago”

-Review Derek Jones

Set List:

  1. F.W.Y.T
  2. Bath Salts
  3. Lost
  4. Blood Feather
  5. Fuck Me Up
  6. Serotonia
  7. Round & Round
  8. Viper Strike
  9. Lydia
  10. Mom
  11. Claude Land
  12. ATL
  13. My Name Is Human
  14. Wolf (Encore)
  15. Look Alive, Stay Alive (Encore) 

Highly Suspect

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