Motograter ‘Desolation’ – Album Review

        Motograter will have a new album out on August 11th, 2017, through the EMP label group; said album is entitled Desolation. If you have never heard of Motograter, then you are missing out on a great band. They are known for their use of an instrument, also called the Motograter, which is made up of industrial cable, pieces of guitar, and some other parts. The Motograter instrument produces a one of a kind, low end, distorted bass like sound. The band is also known for spawning the career of Ivan Moody, who is now most well known for being the vocalist of the highly dysfunctional Five Finger Death Punch. Motograter has had some internal issues throughout their existence, but always arise stronger from the ashes of the last version of the band. Desolation is no exception to that, as it is damn good. Vocalist, James Anthony legion has a great vocal tone, at times he reminds me of David Draiman of Disturbed, at other times he sounds a bit like Sahaj Ticotin of the band Ra; neither of these influences are bad, or overdone, because he has his own sound. Musically, the riffs are bruising, heavy, and well played. The bass drum tone is huge, and I think that between the bass guitar, the Motograter, and the drum tone, it is what makes the bottom end so massive.

        A couple of tracks stood out to me as I listened to the album, and 5th track, “Misanthropical”, was one of them. The intro is a little deceiving, lulling the listener into thinking it may be a slower, more mellow, song; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the verses are layered with clean guitar, and keyboards, the pre-chorus builds up the energy, and then launches into a very heavy chorus. The outro has some sick double bass drumming, and ends the song on a very heavy note (no pun intended lol). “Dorian” also caught my attention right off, because you can hear the Motograter quite well within the intro. Couple that with a well written song, some nice groove heavy guitar parts, and some nice vocal lines, and you have a track that hits hard.

        So, in essence, Desolation is a killer release from a band that has been around for quite a while now. They never give up, even when it looks like they may not return; then they do, harder than ever, and ready to kick your ass with their music. Go buy the album on the 11th, download it, stream it, get a physical copy (my preference), and play it loud; because that’s how it’s meant to be heard!

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine