FABLE CRY ‘We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are’

The group I’m talking about today is an independent band from Nashville, Tennessee, and they call themselves Fable Cry; the album is entitled We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are, and it was released August 25th, 2015. I’m not sure where to put this one as far as genre, but they call themselves theatrical scamp rock, and that’s as good a title as any. Formed by Zach Ferrin, and now former member, but still sister, Kirstie Ferrin, in 2010; Fable Cry has had success doing several national tours, and performing on the Hard Rock Café stage which was broadcast on a local Nashville television station. Those live videos are fun to watch, it’s obvious that they all put a lot of thought into what they do, and how they present the music on stage. It’s also really nice to see a Bassist, Scott Fernandez, use such a huge instrument, I believe it’s a 12 string bass, and he plays it expertly. The group is rounded out by violinist/vocalist Jo Cleary, and drummer Nic Giordano.

On to the music we go, and I want to start by talking about “Fancy Dancing”. This track, and almost the entire album, would be perfectly at home in any Tim Burton movie, and I absolutely love it. It’s as if Danny Elfman had sat down to write the song with them. If I understand the lyrics correctly, and I think I do, the song is about a dead man, traveling the road of the dead who meets a witch, and she ends up telling him, upon his asking, “I saw you dancing, I saw you dancing fancy”. At the end of the song he comes to a tree, and sees a man dangling from a tree, dancing fancy. He sees that the man looks just like him, and is him; being hanged, dying. I love the lyrical play in this song, as it obscures what is happening by using metaphor in the title of the song. It’s been said that people who are hanged do a little “dance” as they die, their feet kick and move about until they are dead, hence the metaphor of “Dancing Fancy”.

Song number 3, “The Good Doctor” is a throw-back to movies like Frankenstein, or maybe the Human Centipede (without the absolutely twisted result of that doctor’s monster-making). This is a polka sounding, darkly themed, trip into the mind of a mad doctor. As with “Fancy Dancing”, the lyrics are well thought out, and the interplay between Zach’s and Jo’s vocals add some beauty to this darkness. It’s most definitely about a doctor digging up bodies, using only the best pieces, and creating life; playing god as Dr. Frankenstein had done in the movies, but set to extremely imaginative music. The second track, “Dead or Alive For Now” is another song that just permeates the brain, and sticks there. This is a very upbeat song, and has what I have come to think of as Zach’s signature vocal style. It’s quick, melodic, and highly entertaining; it’s almost like rap in its flow, but most definitely not rap either, but poetic may be a better word. As I slept last night, or tried to, this song kept playing through my mind, making sleep very difficult as I just wanted to get up and listen to this song.

This entire album is just a creation that needs to be heard by everyone. I hear influences from polka, psychobilly, folk music, horror movies, even a little bit of country (not in an overblown way, subtle and well used), and so much more. They even have a Steam Powered Giraffe thing going on, and, for me, that is very cool; Steam Powered Giraffe are excellent as well. The entire band has such a great sense of what’s right for the song, and they execute those parts so well; without ever overplaying, and there are so many subtle nuances going on. I recommend listening through headphones, because of all the things underneath that are worth hearing. Fable Cry is purportedly working on a new album, a horror-themed concept album, and hope to release it sometime in early 2018 with some possible new singles/video teasers this fall/winter months. I, for one, cannot wait to hear it!!

Fable Cry is:

 Zach Ferrin – vocals, guitar
 Jo Cleary – violin, vocals                  Melody Ryan – keyboard, flute
 Scott Fernandez – bass
 Nic Giordano – drums


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