Comeback Kid “Outsider” – Album Review

Album Review


Hardcore music is one of the most honest forms of heavy music out there. In the early 90’s bands like Earth Crisis, and Snapcase, used their music to stand for something they believed in. For Earth Crisis it was the straight-edge movement, couple with the vegan ideology, and with Snapcase it was about having a positive outlook. The hardcore scene is still alive and well, thanks to bands like Hatebreed, Earth Crisis (yes, they are still making music), and Comeback Kid; who are the focal point of this review. On September 8th, 2017 they will release Outsider, their 6th album overall, and their debut for Nuclear Blast records. This release is the first I had heard of Comeback kid, despite being around since 2000, and their first album coming out in 2003. I am indeed glad that they appeared on my radar at this time, as the album is a fine example of a band willing to play what they love, while staying true to their roots, as they push the boundaries of the hardcore genre.

Outsider has 13 tracks, and there are several that set themselves apart from the rest. “Consumed the Vision”, the 6th song, is one of them. Comeback Kid apply a punk feel to this track, which at times reminds me of the heavier end of Green Day’s music, and the punkier end of GWAR; specifically the songs that Beefcake the Mighty sings on. The next song, “I’ll Be That” has an awesome a thrash metal guitar part. The intro is so damn heavy, and well thought out, it’s easily the best song on the album. Even though there is a heavy thrash influence here, it also retains the hardcore edge that most fans of the genre will gravitate to. Personally, I love this fucking song for its ability to be several things at once. “Outrage (Fresh Face, Stale Cause)” is pure hardcore, and has a Hatebreed feel to it. The lyrics are angry, and so is the vocal delivery; which is where a good portion of the Hatebreed sound comes in. Vocalist Andrew Neufeld has a Jamey Jasta angst to his tone in this track, and it’s obvious by his performance that these lyrics are important to him.

Outsider contains some of the finest hardcore I have heard in a long time, and still has the more melodic elements that help push Comeback Kid forward, and away from the repetitive, stale, bands of the genre. “We’re a hardcore band, but we don’t feel like we belong to any particular sect of that,” states frontman Andrew Neufeld, speaking on behalf of bandmates Jeremy Hiebert (guitar), Stu Ross (guitar), Ron Friesen (bass), and Loren Legare (drums). “We don’t want to be limited in any sense, and prefer to work on our own terms. It’s always been about refining what we do and incorporating new things. This time around, we were really focused on songs that we knew would connect from the stage.” These ideals created a brilliant album that any hardcore enthusiast, or metal fans, will truly enjoy. Give Comeback Kid a serious listen, and then mosh, break some shit while doing so, rinse and repeat. I’m out, until next time