CAN’T SWIM- Interview


Can’t Swim Interview

with Mike, Danny, Craig, Andrea, and Chris


Can’t Swim was formed almost two years ago, Chris had begun to write demos and sending them to fellow bandmates Craig, Mike, and Danny. With Danny originally on drums, he eventually moved on-to guitar to have Andrea become the band’s primary drummer. Once they had the band together, they were quickly signed to Pure Noise; and remain with PN today. The band was on the get go from the release of their EP, which was quickly followed by a full-length album, Fail You Again, that was released last March. Once the full length was out, they were on the road.


What have been some of your proudest accomplishments as a band?

Can’t Swim was proud to share that they had released their full-length album after not having been a band for even a year, and being able to perform abroad soon after their EP release. They were so humbled by the fact that their music brought them to the UK, and that it was only five songs that brought them there.


Describe your sound to someone who’s never listened to your music!

The band shared ideas back and forth, concluding with: darker rock and roll, sad songs with powerful hooks, and alternative.


What have been some of the band’s favorite venues?

  • The Black Heart in the UK, where the band performed their third ever headlining show – having only been a band for a few months.
  • The Claw, which was a boat in Bristol, UK.
  • The End, in Nashville, TN. Chris of Can’t Swim shared that they believe Nashville’s beloved “The End” is the venue where they’ve performed many, many shows.
  • Clair in Boston, MA.


What was the milestone that told you all, “we need to keep doing this”?

Craig shared with me that the milestone for Can’t Swim was, to simply put it, that they were working together for one bigger idea and realized that it was working. From there, it was all up-hill and before they knew it, they had a full-length album to release.


What’s been the hardest thing to accomplish in the music industry

“Keep trying to push and learn new things to make new creations.” -Andrea


Which recording studio did you work with and how was the process?

The band recorded Fail You Again in their home studio. The entire album was even produced, engineered, and mixed by Danny of Can’t Swim.


What can fans expect for the release of 2017

Lots of touring, a full US tour & a UK tour

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Interview by Alexandra Cole