Chimera Editors October Playlist!


We have a brand new Spotify Playlist for all you music fans out there. This weeks list comes from Tom Hanno and it’s filled with a whole lot of Doom Metal. Enjoy! 
1. Motherslug – “Rollin'”
2. Mauls Dextra – “Traces of Hate”
3. Coffin Carousel – “Skull Candy”
4. Enslaved – “Storm Son”
5. Ram – “Gulag”
6. Devilfire _ “She’s Like Fire
7. Diablo BLVD. _ “Like Rats”
8. Cities of Mars – “Doors of Dark Matter, Pt.1: Barriers”
9. Ruby the Hatchet – “Planetary Space Child”
10. The Obsessed – “The Way She Fly”