Coffin Carousel “Between Death and Dead” – Review

Album Review


If you are like me, then you have a love for the macabre; a love for things like horror stories, cemeteries at night, the paranormal, serial killers, etc. Then you maybe extend it to your musical interests, and you listen to some groups that do horror-core, or horror punk/doom pop, or horror infused industrial metal; i.e., The Misfits, Rob Zombie, or the newest band to sign with Eclipse Records, Coffin Carousel, who are based in Melbourne, Australia (I live in the wrong country, all the great music is in Australia). Their first album with Eclipse, Between Death and Dead, is due out on Friday the 13th, 2017; yes, they are sticklers for the horror clichés, but that is why we love them! I mean, just check out the monikers of the band members, Howard Von Noise (vocals & guitars), Skinny Horrors (bass), Alex Stitcher (guitars), Tim Le Spooks / Leethal Elliott (drums); like I said, sticklers for the right vibe, and aesthetic, for their group.

Musically, I wouldn’t really place them in the punk realm with this album. I hear some poppy melodies, some doom flavored pieces, and the obvious horror lyrical themes. On their Facebook page they say that they are, “Too heavy for Punk. Not brutal for Metal. Too many hooks for Rock. Too original for Pop.”; and right they are, this is all those things and so much more. The names of the songs are great, with titles like “Echoes from the Crypt”, “Voodoo Riot”, and “Devils Parade”. Then you have a track like “Toxic Candy”, that is so metal, and so poppy, that it just grabs you by the throat and squeezes. The keyboards are creepy, haunting, and sound like they’d be in an old-school vampire movie. Bassist Skinny Horrors is the prominent aspect of this song though, his bass tone is so fat, driving the song forward along with the drums; a pulsing beat like a blackened heart, pounding out a dark, rhythmic juggernaut of sound. “Skull Candy” has an almost 80’s New Wave sound, if you added some heavy guitars to it. I really love Howard Von Noise’s vocal tone, and delivery, in all of these songs; he seems to help propel the song as much as the drums do, and every once in a while I detect a Robin Zander (Cheap Trick vocalist) type of tone too. Every member of Coffin Carousel executes their parts very well, and each add their own flavoring to this human stew.

Between Death and Dead, by Coffin Carousel, is going to be your new favorite album; you just don’t know it yet. Sadly, for you guys, it’s not available until this October; on Friday the 13th. No you’re not having “Delusions”, or going “Bat Shit Crazy” from the “Toxic Candy” you have eaten, you really do have to wait. However, I will leave you the link for their video, for the song “Majestic”. Go watch it, and get ready for the album to drop on your heads like a meat cleaver wielded by a homicidal maniac. 

-Tom Hanno