“All We Know” Itchy Album Review

Album Review

Another day, another fun-filled review; actually, this is my second one today. I just can’t stop listening to all the music I have to share with you all; however, this one almost slipped by me. This has been in my Ipool account for a couple weeks, and I neglected to check it out. I was wanting something different for the evenings listening, and downloaded an album called All We Know, by a band called Itchy. Some of you may know them as Itchy Poopzkid, but they dropped the latter half of their name; Itchy was the nick name fans had bestowed upon them, and I like it much better than the original moniker. Itchy has been playing punk rock for the last 15 years, and All We Know is their 7th album to date. Personally, I feel that this not a punk record, but more like a rock album with punk tendencies. This is an extremely diverse album, and shows a band that has matured; even the name change is an example of a band coming of age. There is a punk vibe behind these songs, and it gives them an edge that most modern rock doesn’t really have. I detect a slight Cage the Elephant feel to some of these songs, “The Sea’ has a Dirty Heads vibe, but this trio (Sibbi on guitar/vocals, Panzer on bass/vocals, and Max on drums) definitely have their own thing going on. They mix styles of music seamlessly from one track to the next, yet it never feels out of place as some overly diverse albums can get.
There’s several tracks that stuck out as I listened to them. The album opener, “Stuck with the Devil”, being one of them. This is where I hear that Cage the Elephant influence, and it’s a rocking tune. The descending guitars that lead into the pre-chorus are really nice, and the hook is extremely memorable. In the breakdown the song seems to slow a bit, although not in a way that is bad (I really liked the deeper vocals in this section); it’s a great way to lead back into another go-round of the chorus. 4th track, “Nothing” reminds me of the pop-punk sound from the mid to late 1990’s-early 20000’s; back when I was first getting into bands like Green Day, The Offspring, Blink-182, etc. This is a very catchy song, and the guitars, the vocals, all of it, will just stick in your head like super glue. Last one I’ll bring up is called “The Sea”, and it is my second favorite song here. Opening up with an almost reggae like guitar part, and has a very Dirty Heads, happy groove all the way throughout it. Lyrically it’s about going to the sea with either a friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, and just enjoying life, hanging out, and being happy together. “Let’s go hang out by the sea, life gets easier with me, just imagine how our days could be, and in the night we’ll make a fire, sparks are dancing in the sky, leave the world and come with me, let’s go hang out by the sea”, and to me that sounds fantastic. I’m ready, let’s go now.
Obviously, I was very glad I gave this album a chance. All We Know came out on July 21st, 2017, and was released through Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast records, and if you don’t give it a listen then you are truly missing out on an excellent album. So, do yourself a kindness and stream it, download it legally, buy a physical copy, and then go catch them live. One way or the other, you should give Itchy a listen.

– Tom Hanno