BUTCHER BABIES Release New Single “Lilith”

Butcher Babies

On September 8th, 2017 a fantastic, female fronted band released the debut single from their forthcoming album, and the Butcher Babies upped the ante with this song; I really hope the rest of the album shows this kind of growth. “Lilith”, the title track of their new album (available October 27th, 2017), is the best thing I have heard from this band, hands down a brilliant example of what they can really do.
Vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey sound possessed by Valak the Demon, and their clean vocals are equally wonderful. They seem to get better on each release as far as their execution, and tone. Henry Flury has a really great guitar part for this track, it’s almost as if it is pulsing during the chorus; especially with how the drums and the bass play with it. The verse riff is grooved out, and leads into the chorus with a build-up that really ties the two pieces together nicely. “Lilith” is a monster of a song, and a great lead-off single for the album; literally every aspect of this song is awesome.
I was drawn to this band because of their early stage attire, but always knew that if they didn’t change it, they wouldn’t last, or be taken seriously; even though the music was always really good. Thankfully, they decided that very same thing, and are better for it. Women don’t need to be sex objects (hint, hint Maria Brink) to get attention. All they need is true talent, drive, and a great band behind them. The Butcher Babies have all of those things, and more. So go check out “Lilith”, and on October 27th, go buy the album of the same name!!!!!!!
P.S.- Here’s a link to the song on YouTube, it’s also on Spotify, and many other digital outlets.