The Nearly Deads ‘Revenge of the Nearly Deads’ – Album Review

        A few years ago I was helping out my buddies in the band After Earth, and we went to Verona for their show. One of the other bands on that bill was called The Nearly Deads (based in Nashville, Tennessee), and they were really good that night.  Their vocalist/keyboardist Theresa Jeane sounded great live, and the whole band was totally on for that show (the group is rounded out by Steven Tobi – Lead Guitar, Kevin Koelsch – Bass, Javier Garza Jr. – Rhythm Guitar, Josh Perrone – Drums). Well, I was just sent their most recent E.P., Revenge of The Nearly Deads (released May 26th, 2017), and it’s a major step forward from the songs they were playing back then.

        The first thing I wanna say about the music is that I love the vocal work. Theresa has a sound that’s similar to Lzzy Hale, but better (I despise Halestorm’s music, nothing unique about them at all, just rehashed rock crap a la Nickelback) because she has her own thing going on as well. The music is definitely hard rock, a little punk thing going on, and is well written and well executed in the studio. “Revenge” is a fantastic tune, opening up with a nice rockin’ guitar riff. The verses see the guitars backing off to let the drums, bass, and vocals carry the song, but halfway through that they come back in; this adds a nice transition into the chorus, while adding some extra power to the verse. Lyrically, the song seems to be about someone standing up for themselves, to gain their revenge against the negativity of some other person, or groups of people; a nice positive message of standing up for what you believe in, and being strong as a person. The last track reminds me a bit of a Maroon 5 song (I absolutely adore their music) called “Sad”. The piano, the cello, and other orchestration allow Theresa to show what an incredible vocalist she really is; this woman can sing beautifully! About half way through the track the drums and bass kick in, with a sparse guitar part; the entrance of these instruments completely compliments the song, and never overpower the beautiful elements within it. It’s a very stunning track, and I think may actually be my favorite on this release

        ’If you like good hard rock, and up-and coming bands, then go listen to revenge of The Nearly Deads. It’s a great hard rocking E.P., that also shows off the lighter side of a band that shines in that arena as well!!!!


Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine