REAPING ASMODEIA ‘Impuritize’ Album Review

Album Review

Technical death metal is a genre that doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves; there’s bands like Dying Fetus, Allegaeon, Rings of Saturn, Uncured and Reaping Asmodeia that are just sick as fuck. I mean, just listen to Dying Fetus and try to tell me that they can’t play; it’s not possible say because their technical skill is undeniable. Same for Allegaeon, who are my personal favorites in this style, Greg Burgess and Michael Stancel are phenomenal players. Anyway, today we are talking about Reaping Asmodeia, and their album titled, Impuritize. It was released back in March of 2017, but until today I was unaware of the group. I am definitely glad I got an email about these guys, and of Junius (review for them will be forthcoming). The band is comprised of members Steven Lane – Vocals, Alexander Drake Kelly – Guitar, Daniel John Koppy – Drums, Roman Pinter – Bass; and these dudes know how to write some brutal fucking death metal, and they add in some nice breakdowns that are death-core sounding, and then they retain the technical playing that this genre is known for.
Let’s jump into the music now, shall we? One thing I enjoyed about this album was the chaotic nature of songs like “Defenestration”. Alexander is very adept at having riffs that are technically amazing, just the intro to this song, and the verses too, are mind-bending examples of how to shred while being heavy as fuck. I also love that they break up the technicality with some death-core influenced breakdowns. It gives your ear a chance to catch-up, and to groove with the song. Another track that grabbed me was “Hidebound”, with its dialogue intro about the fallacy that is The American Dream. The second that it’s over, the chaos ensues once again. The guitars are crushingly fast, the vocals are brutal throughout, and the drumming is at hyper-speed. It is one of the most chaotic songs on the album, and even though there’s sections where it feels as if you are standing at the brink of Dante’s vision of Hell, about to fall over the edge, plummeting to the 9th level, it still never loses its sense of cohesion. Overall this is a really cool album full of stunning guitar playing, and a band that is able to keep up with that playing; Stevens vocals are kick ass, death metal vocals, fitting the music perfectly.
At this point I’d tell you all to go check out the album, and you definitely should, but instead I’m going to tell you about the fact that they are on tour right now; with the final dates coming up soon. There’s just these three left, 9/15 South Bend, IN – Big Shots, 9/16 Peoria, IL – Rail II, 9/30 Waterloo, IA – Pit for Pits 3. I know it doesn’t give you much time to see them, but try and do it anyway. So, check them out on all their social media platforms, listen to the album, and try to catch one of these last three shows. Peace out, metal-heads!!! \m/

– Tom Hanno

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