RUBY THE HATCHET “Planetary Space child” – Album Review

Album Review

I was born back in 1974, and grew up listening to my Dad’s vast record collection. He had everything from Bob Dylan to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin to The Moody Blues, and back again. The old man’s stereo really shaped my musical tastes, and one thing that I will always love him for is his support of my musical tastes; even when he hated what I listened to he still allowed me to be myself. Nowadays we have bands like Ghost, who have brought 70’s theatrical music back to the forefront of attention; and then there’s Ruby the Hatchet bringing back psychedelic rock, but with a modern twist. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and signed to Tee Pee Records from New York City, they are bringing back the late 60’s and early 70’s in a big way. Their new album was released on August 25th, 2017, and is entitled Planetary Space Child. The overall tone of the album is pure rock, from a time when the tones were new, and experimental, and bands stretched the limits of sound to new and dizzying heights. I hear some Led Zeppelin, The Doors within the keyboard work, a little Jefferson Airplane, and some of newer group, Ghost B.C., in the vocals. Overall, it’s like being 5 years old again, and sitting in front of Dad’s stereo in awe of the music emanating from his speakers.
I’m not gonna pull apart certain songs from the album as I normally do. I really want you to go and listen to it as a whole, because that is what this album truly deserves from you. Sit back, and put on your headphones for this one, because the music swirls around your head like an LSD infused tornado of sound. I am listening right now, and with my eyes closed I can envision a bygone era; an era where music took you on a journey into the mind, and the soul. I’m sure that I was still into hallucinogens this would be what I’d listen to during my trip, but I’m not endorsing or condoning that type of behavior; don’t go doing it, and saying “well Tom told me this album would be good if I was tripping balls” when you get busted hahahahaa. Anyway, a darkened room with black lights, incense, and maybe some lava lamps would be superb for this listening experience; especially with the intro to “Planetary Space Child”, just listen and you’ll see why. Seriously, go listen to it.
Ruby the Hatchet, Planetary Space Child, enough said. Here’s a link to go get the album….

– Tom Hanno

Check out the video for Planetary Space Child