BOBAFLEX “Eloquent Demons” Album Review

Album Review


Columbus, Ohio/Point Pleasant, West Virginia based band, Bobaflex has released a new album; it dropped on August 25th, 2017, and is called Eloquent Demons. I had not checked them out prior to this album, and, even though it is from a genre I am iffy about, it’s pretty damned good. This isn’t an album that covers any new ground really, just a solid Hard Rock release; big fans of this genre will definitely like it, as will many others. I know, right now it sounds like I’m trying to just say nice things about the album, but it really is a good album. There’s a lot of vocal melodies that are really cool, and some riffs that are hard hitting, and full of groove. We’ll talk about that more when I get into the songs. I hear a bit of Kiss in some of their vocal work, within the more melodic lines, and in the song “Real Sadness” there is a serious Alice in Chains vibe all around; Layne Staley era Alice.
Ok, now we shall talk about a few of these songs. First song, “I Am a Nightmare”, is reminiscent of some of the newer Avenged Sevenfold music. The only difference is that I actually like what Bobaflex has done here. “Call me reaper, you’re a evil creature, I’m a stone cold killer, gonna show no mercy” is a nice lead in to the chorus, and I love the choice of wording here. The guitar riff is fairly quick during the verses, and is probably the most memorable riff on the whole album; well, for me it is anyway. I am an immensely large fan of Alice in Chains, like “huuuuge, Tom, huge” (NY readers will get that reference), and there is a definite AIC influence peppered throughout the album; along with the vocals having a Paul Stanley sound to them. In the song “Real Sadness” that Layne Staley/Alice in Chains sound is in full effect. This is my favorite song on this disc because of that, and it is definitely worth a serious listen, the guitars are just sludgy and heavy. I cannot say enough good things about this song, so I’ll stop here and just urge you to listen. “Off with Your Head” is also a track worthy of mentioning. Starting off with a pretty acoustic guitar, lulling you into thinking it may be a song about the girl you lost. Well, surprise, surprise, because it’s actually about that fake, self-obsessed, boring irritating girl that is the bane of all men. The lyrics are great, and the song is so well put together. Also, they include a really nice cover of “Hey You” by Pink Floyd.
Bobaflex’s Eloquent Demons is available now, through their own label,BFX Records. I was surprised to find how much I actually enjoyed this, because hard rock is kind of a genre that has lost its identity. Thankfully there are bands like Devilfire from Birmingham, England, and Bobaflex to add some life to the party that is the Hard Rock genre.

– Tom Hanno

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