DREADNOUGHT – A Wake In Sacred Waves Album Review

Album Review

There’s a band that hails from Denver/Colorado Springs, Colorado. This group plays a blend of prog, folk, doom, pagan metal, post metal, jazz, black metal, and just makes them all sound like they are supposed to coincide within the context of one band. Their name is Dreadnought, and between the four of them they have created something that is at once majestic, and frighteningly good. On October 6th, 2017 they will unleash their 3rd full length album, A Wake in Sacred Waves; with only four tracks in total, none of them coming in at much less than 11 minutes in length; to the casual onlooker it would seem as if songs of this length may be a little excessive. That may be true to some extent, but don’t think these songs ever get boring, because they do not. “Vacant Sea” is just over 17 minutes long, but I was truly shocked how quickly that time goes by; there’s just so much to listen to within these songs, and they flow seamlessly from section to section. The following excerpt is from their Facebook profile, “A mythical connection exists between nature and music. Within vast forests, pagans traditionally participated in midnight drum circles around cackling flames. Led Zeppelin recorded the seminal Led Zeppelin III at the infamous secluded 18th century Bron-Yr-Aur cottage deep in the wilderness. Pink Floyd cut 1987’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason and 1994’s The Division Bell on the Astoria houseboat. Nestled among the Rocky Mountains, it’s hard to escape the influence of nature in Colorado. Maybe they didn’t record in the woods or on the high seas, but Denver outfit Dreadnought breathes fresh air through extreme music like a torrential force of nature nonetheless.” This is perhaps the best intro for the group that could ever be written, so instead of flailing around trying to say the right things, I decided to copy and paste that here.
A Wake in Sacred Waves is one of those albums that I wouldn’t dream of picking apart song by song. Much like Ruby the Hatchet this is an experience that is best had as a whole, and picking the best tracks would be doing a disservice to you, and to the band. I will say that their sound is an amalgamation of Jethro Tull sounding flute work, Woods of Ypress black and doom metal, Enslaved’s more prog aspects, and the folk aspects of pagan music; I’m Norse Pagan so that aspect really calls to my nature. The band consists of Kelly Schilling – Guitar, Flute, Clean and Harsh Vocals, Jordan Clancy – Drums, Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Kevin Handlon – Bass, Mandolin, Lyrics, Lauren Vieira – Keys, Clean Vocals. Each of these musicians add to the multiple layers of each song in expert fashion, never muddying up the overall sound; only layering in the perfect amount of sound to compliment the piece as a whole. Lauren Vieira has a beautiful clean singing voice, and when Kelly Schilling puts in her harsh vocals it is a thing of metallic beauty as well. I really, really dig what the band has brought us all, it’s just so good.
A Wake in Sacred Waves by Dreadnought will be out on October 6th, 2017, and will be available in conjunction with sailor records. Give this band a serious listen, let them make you feel something, and then let yourself be absorbed into the wall of sound that this album presents to you.

– Tom Hanno

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