Arch Enemy ‘Will to Power’ – Album Review

        Arch Enemy has a new album out, called Will to Power.  It was released on September 8th, 2017, and is the first studio album to feature Jeff Loomis (Ex-Nevermore/Sanctuary Shredder) on guitar duties. However, he only has solo input, no songwriting is done by him for the band. He had this to say to Ultimate Guitar.Com on that subject, “Well to be completely honest with you, I just contributed solos on the new record. I think with any band, there’s always the two people in the band who have a huge influence on the writing. When I was in my old band, Nevermore that was me and the singer, Warrel Dane. With Arch Enemy, the main writers are Michael Amott and the drummer, Daniel Erlandsson.” That kind of surprises me, as Jeff is a great songwriter, and I think his style would benefit the band as a whole; at the same time, that is a very good way of approaching a band as a new member.

        Will to Power is what one would expect from Arch Enemy, as it is pretty standard melodic death metal. I’ve been a fan of the band since before Khaos Legions came out, and was doubting the future of the band when Angela Gossow stepped down as vocalist. Alissa White-Gluz joined, and made all my doubts disappear. She has taken the mantle upon herself, and shined throughout her time in the band. The growls are still top notch, and on “Reason to Believe” we get to experience her clean vocal style. The solos are pure Jeff Loomis brilliance, and Alissa’s vocals are stunning. It’s always shocking to me to hear a singer go from the growls to what she does in this song; it’s just an excellent balance of light and dark. The single/video “The World is Yours” is another good track on this release. The guitar playing is excellent, the riffs are heavy, and it flows nicely. Overall, this is an excellent release that any fan of this band, or similar bands, will indeed headbang to.

        Go give this album a listen, catch a show, break some stuff while thrashing around your house (or a show), and support this band any way you can. Will to Power is their most recent album, and came out on September 8th, 2017. Go get it!

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine