Ded Come Alive in An Interview with Chimera Magazine

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Today we have an interview with Joe Cotela of the band Ded, who I just recently reviewed for their album Misanthrope, and reviewed for their appearance at Lakeview Amphitheater this past summer.


Chimera Mag (Tom) – Being a newer band on the scene, at least for those of us outside of your hometown, can you give us a little background? How long have you been together, how did the band form, and things of that nature?

We’ve been a band for about 3 years. We’re from Phoenix, and Ded formed from other bands ending. We wanted to make a band that didn’t exist musically, at least to our ears. 

Tom– Misanthrope is a kick ass, aggressive album. What drove you to call the album that? Do you take a misanthropic view of the world around you, I know I usually do, and if so, why?

 When we looked back on the lyrics once the album was written, “Mis-An-thrope” seemed to sum it up pretty well. Nothing intentional, it just fit. 

Tom – “Anti- Everything” is the second song on the release, and is quite different from the track before it. I hear more of a rap-metal vibe in it, kind of Limp Bizkit-esque. Where those types of bands influential on the band as a whole, and what else influences the way you approach song writing? 

They were definitely an influence. One of many, we have a lot of different influences – but to name a few: Gojira, Run The Jewels, Slipknot, Korn, Bring Me The Horizon, and Every Time I Die.

Tom – One thing I enjoyed about Misanthrope is the fact that it’s not just aggressive through the whole thing, it also encompasses a wide range of other sounds. How do you guys go about composing songs? Is it a joint session where you all sit down together, and figure it out, or do you each bring in stuff to work on, and then go from there?

 Usually David puts down the music and Joe writes vocals over it. Then we jam it out in the room live to see how it feels.  It comes together collectively once we’ve got the music and lyrics sorted out.

Tom – Your live shows are full of energy, and quite memorable. I caught you at The Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, NY this past summer, and your set was the one that woke my ass up. What was it like being on that tour, opening for Korn, Skillet, and Stone Sour?

 Thank You, that tour was amazing! It was surreal in a lot of ways. Everyone was super welcoming and the crowds were unreal…  It was an honor to open for those bands, and we learned a lot. 


Photo Credit: Joe Orlando

 Tom – What are the plans for the foreseeable future? More touring, a break for some rest, maybe some new song writing going on? 

More touring, much more! We’re going to be on several festival dates coming up; we have more shows with KRON, and we’re opening for Stone Sour in Houston.  We’re also going to be at the Loudwire Awards in Los Angeles in late October.   We’re going to start 2018 off on the Shiprocked Cruise in January.

Tom – I always ask bands what type of gear they are using, so that’s going to be the basis of this question. What are type of gear do you guys like to use while making music?

I am not a tech head, that would be a David answer

Tom – A lot of bands have day jobs when they go back home. Are you guys able to make a living solely off of music, or do you have 9-5’s to go back to? If so, what type of things do you do outside of music? And going along with that, what type of things keep you busy outside of the band/jobs?

We have day jobs, we work for some cool people who let us have the flexibility to tour.  We like all sorts of things outside of music: We are big sports fans; movies, working out, coffee, art design, video games, I personally collect vintage T-shirts and anything music. 

Tom – Ok, here’s another questions I usually ask…. Do you have any horror stories from the road, or any stories that just made you laugh because of their absurdity? 

I can never put my finger on stories like this. My apologies.  We have been blessed so far to not have too many problems while touring.

Tom – I just want to thank you guys for taking the time to answer these questions. I’m sure you get tons of this stuff, but I for one really appreciate the time. Any last words for the readers, and the fans? 

Thank You for having us! Everyone pick up “Mis•an•thrope” – It’s In stores now and the vinyl is available @ Amazon.  Our single “Remember The Enemy” is on sale for just .69 cents at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Music. Mad love to everyone, see you at a show soon!


Ded Upcoming Shows & Festival Appearances

9/22 – The Historic El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, NM

9/23 – High Elevation Rock Festival – Denver, CO

9/24 – Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO

9/26 – Myth – Minneapolis, MN w/KORN

9/27 – The Rave/Eagles Club – Milwaukee, WI w/KORN

9/29 – Uptown Theatre – Kansas City, MO w/KORN

9/30 – Louder Than Life -Louisville, KY

10/1 – WJJO’s Sonic Boom – Janesville, WI

10/7 – Monster Energy Rock Allegiance – Camden, NJ

10/8 – Otto Bar – Baltimore, MD

10/15 – Revention Music Center W/Stone Sour – Houston, TX

10/20 – Big Red Night Of The Dead – Fear Farm Festival Grounds – Phoenix, AZ

10/22 – Aftershock – Sacramento, CA

11/5 – Ozzfest Meets Knotfest – San Bernadino, CA

1/18/18 – Shiprocked


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