Kobra and the Lotus ‘Prevail I’ – Album Review

        A band I was recently introduced to is called Kobra and the Lotus, who are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Have you heard of them, checked them out maybe? Well if not, I am going to give you some reasons to do so in a quick manner. This group is so good, especially if you’re into a more modern version of power metal; a version that’s mixed with hard rock and straight forward metal. They released an album called Prevail I through their label, Napalm records, this past May. The band, consisting of Kobra Paige – Vocals, Jasio Kulakowski – Guitars, Brad Kennedy – Bass, and Marcus Lee – Drums, has brought us a pretty heavy album with this release. The vocals are soaring, and beautiful, while fitting in wonderfully with the hard-hitting punch that the band provides. These songs are strewn with some really great melodies, and a lot of cool guitar riffs going on.

       There are some definite standouts on this album, at least for me there is. “Manifest destiny” being the one that really caught my ear, and made me sit down to give this album the attention it screams for. I love the heaviness of the intro, and how it continues throughout the verses. Once Kobra Paige starts singing he riff takes on a new life, and somehow her voice brings the heavy factor down a bit. I love the vocal melody on this track, she just sounds so good on this one. The next song I want to bring up has a personal significance to me. “Hell on Earth” is about addiction, and could be interpreted as addiction to anything really. For me, it describes the cycle of abuse of self that a painkiller addict goes through. I was an addict, and have fought my way back from it to be clean for 2 years and counting, so songs like this are very powerful to me; especially because the lyrics invoke everything I went through at the time, no other song has hit me like this since Nothingmore’s “Jenny”. Other notables are “Gotham” and “Trigger Pulse”, both are great tracks full of melody, and metal riffing throughout.

        Prevail I is available now, and can be obtained through any of your normal music outlets. Do yourselves a favor, and listen to it, because it is an excellent release from a very talented group of people.