THY ART IS MURDER ‘Double Homicide’ Tour Review

Photos/Review: Joshua Davis/Tom Hanno


        Hey, guys; Tom here with another show review. I feel it necessary to forewarn you that part of this review will be nothing but pure blunt, honesty. I make no apologies for it, as it is just my opinion…so take it as simply that. The show in question was last night’s (9/20/2017) stop on “The Double Homicide Tour” at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY. This started out as a duel headliner between Decapitated and Thy Art Is Murder, with special guests Ghost Bath and Fallujah. However, with Decapitated in jail on rape and kidnapping charges, it became a single headliner, and local death metal group, Ecliptic Vision, was added to the line-up.

        Ecliptic Vision was the first band to take the stage, and they put on a great show. I like their take on death-metal, and they performed well. The only drawback for me was that their singer’s higher screams didn’t sound as good as they could have. His guttural, deep growls are awesome though, and the bassists backing vocals were pretty brutal, adding a cool element to their sound. Overall, I really enjoyed what this Syracuse band put out onstage for us.

        Next group was Ghost Bath, and originally, I hadn’t planned on even talking about their set. After some thought this morning, I thought that maybe it’s time I was totally honest about my opinion on the things I don’t like. Hang on tight, because this is gonna get messy. What can I say about the level of pathetic music I saw onstage? We all know the sound a baby makes when crying uncontrollably.  Well, I would have rather had that screaming baby in my ears for 12 hours straight as opposed to having 30 minutes of fucking noise form a pretentious group called Ghost Bath. This shit was fucking terrible, and the crowd knew it. I sat at the bar, and all around me I could hear people complaining about their so-called “music”.  One guy in particular told multiple people that, “All they sound like is AHHHHHH, WAHHHH, YEAAHHHHH, WAHHHHH, ARGHHHHHH.”  He screamed this in a higher tone and actually sounded just like the singer onstage. When I say they were terrible, I am actually understating the level of suck that occured. Fuck Ghost Bath, who should disband, because they are absolutely terrible. No crowd interaction, the band said nothing between songs, and didn’t announce shit when it was over.  They merely walked off stage. Fuck you, guys…that shit is lame as fuck.

        Next up was Fallujah, and they could have farted into the mic repeatedly and still given a better show than Turd..I mean, Ghost Bath. However, they came out and just blew us all away. The level of musicianship in that groups is amazing. Their bassist was exciting to watch, slapping, popping, tapping, and just exhibiting a thrilling bass style for death metal. Lead guitarist, Scott Carstairs, is a phenomenal player. While he’s playing its very apparent that he’s feeling every note of his leads, and his guitar was damn beautiful. It’s a Keisel 7 string, and just gorgeous; it was in the case on a table earlier in the day and I scope it out…I want one for myself now. Vocals were brutal, and the whole band was awesome! There was also some great interaction with the crowd, even when things in the pit got a little tense. Vocalist Alex Hoffman said “Hi, guys, we’re all friends here. It’s a metal show, you’re gonna get hit”, and the tone of voice he used was amusing. I laughed, the pit settled back down to their regular level of ferocity.

        Thy Art Is Murder appeared onstage, and the place exploded! Fans were there for them above all else, and the intensity of the crowd was proof of that. They launched into the title track of their newest release, Dear Desolation, and followed it up with my personal favorite, “Slaves Beyond Death”. From there on it was song after song of precision death metal, and they were all on top of their game last night. Lots of crowd interaction, which in my opinion is a must have aspect of a live show. I would go see these guys if I were you, because if you don’t you are missing out on an amazing fucking show. Just try to remember to show up after Ghost Bath has played their pitiful set, because you don’t wanna ruin your hearing for the real bands out there.

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine