DOOMSTRESS- “Supernatural Kult Sounds” Album Review


I’m a huge fan of doom metal. It’s slower, heavier, and sometimes very similar to bands from the 70’s. I think bands like Pallbearer and Crowbar are among the best doom styled groups out there; I recently discovered a group that call themselves Doomstress, and just from scrolling around Facebook somewhere. I listened to the track called “Way of the Mountain”, and knew that I had to review it for you guys.

Hailing from Texas, and playing a style of music that combines elements from doom metal, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and occult rock as well. They cite influences like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, and Uriah Heap; some very old school groups that helped craft and influence the metal we know today. The band consists of Doomstress Alexis (the band is her brainchild) on bass and vocals, and Brandon Johnson on lead guitar and backing vocals; they have a touring band, and some of them double as session players on the recording we will be discussing. Supernatural Kult Sounds – the Second Rite is a remixed version of their first EP, with the addition of a new song called “Bitter Plea”. This release will be available, through their label DHU Records (a Netherlands based label), in late November; the specifics will be announced soon.

As I said before, I love doom metal. It has a definite throwback to another thing I have always loved, Black fucking Sabbath. There’s four songs on this album, “Way of the Mountain”, “Bitter Plea”, a cover of Uriah Heap’s “Rainbow Demon”, and “Sleep Among the Dead”. Personally, I love the whole EP, it’s just doomy, and gloomy, and so 1970’s era as far the overall tone of the tracks. I’m rating this one right up there with Ruby the Hatchett in terms of quality, and throwback stylings. The Uriah Heap cover is awesome, and a great reimagining of this song. Taking the opening keyboard part, and making it heavy guitar was a really nice touch. The original is on Heap’s album called, Demons and Wizards; it was released in 1972 and my Dad used to play it when I was a kid, cool shit from a great era for music. I recommend everyone go check out this type of stuff, because it helped shape music today.

Doomstress,  Alexis has a really cool voice, and her basslines fit this music perfectly. The guitars are dirty, heavy, and slow, and have that classic tone that I grew up hearing. Overall, this is an amazing EP, and I hope to see a lot more of this Texas group!! Supernatural Kult Sounds – The Second Rite will be out this November, so get ready because Doomstress is coming!

  • Tom Hanno


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