Waking the Sleeper ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Part 1’ – Album Review

        I know that a lot of people hate Facebook, because it is kind of a drama starter, perpetuator, and overall crap fest. However, it is a great networking site for people like me, and I find so much music for you guys. My “Suggested Friends” list is mainly musicians at this point, and I find new ones almost every day. Today it led me to female fronted Waking the Sleeper, and their vocalist, Regina “Raven” Turney. I friended her, and then she messaged me, and we talked about her band, and their upcoming release; she also sent me the first half of their concept album, and gave me some background on the group. Waking the Sleeper’s album came out this past April 1st, 2017, and is called The Seven Deadly Sins: Part 1.

        Waking the Sleeper was formed in December of 2016, and immediately upon releasing music started receiving rave reviews. The first single, “Wrath” hit the charts on Rock Rage Radio, where it stayed #1 for 6 straight weeks. I congratulated Regina on that, and she had this to say, “Thank you! I honestly didn’t think that we would get any bigger festivals to play, because we missed the deadline time to submit. Then we were invited to do Rocklahoma this last May, and the response was amazing, and we have been invited to do Rocklahoma again in 2018. We are hoping to get some submissions in for some of the other bigger festivals as well, and have the world hear Who We Are!” She went on to inform me that the release is actually the first half of a double album concept record, based upon Dante Alighieri’s Inferno versus the Bible. “It’s a journey that we all go through. We also, with our live performance, have a three-tier production; which means we also have dancers, and put on an actual performance; a journey, if you will, into each one of the sins.” I don’t know about you readers, but that sounds amazing to me.

        Musically, Waking the Sleeper is a very diverse unit. They are able to mix light with dark, heavy with mellow, and make it all sound cohesive. The riffing, and vocals, have a Butcher Babies meets Lacuna Coil meets the good aspects of In This Moment (By the gods, do I hate saying anything good about In This Moment, but they have certain aspects that are cool) feel to them; making this a very excellent sounding release. The song “Wrath” has a special significance to it, I’ll let Regina explain the lyrical content; “It’s about a little girl named Yue Yue, from China, that got ran over, and 17 people walked around her body as she laid there fighting to live; because they didn’t want to help in fear that they could be liable, because of their Chinese Government laws. She was only 2 years old, and it happened in 2011. I wanted to write the song for about four and a half years, so it does have a lot of meaning for me.” This track closes out the album, and is a riff heavy, powerful song. On a quick side note, the instrumental that serves as a type of intro for “Wrath”, Called “Beginning of Sorrows”, is a piano piece that Regina wrote when she was just 7 years old, with some expansion done to it for the album. My favorite track on this album is “Lust”, which really surprised my girlfriend, Jen; she said it’s more of what she listens to than me, which is true, but this track just grabbed me. It is mostly electronic, and reminds me a bit of Depeche Mode if they went dark in a heavy way; the electronic work sounds amazing in headphones. The guitar riffs are super memorable, and my favorite one is kind of a slower, chugging type of riff that totally captures the vibe of this song. I’d explain the lyrics, but the song title kind of gives it away; so you’ll have to just listen for yourself for the details.

        Overall, this is a great album, by an underground group from Wichita, Kansas. I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from this band, as they are currently working on the 2nd half of the concept albums; with a tentative release in March of 2018. For now, locate the first half, The Seven Deadly Sins; Part 1, and show this band some love on their social media outlets!

Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine