GENUS ORDINIS DEI- “Great Olden Dynasty” Album Review

Album Review

Genus Ordinis Dei, which is Latin for Order of the Race, comes to us from Crema, Italy; they also come from one of my favorite record labels, Eclipse Records. Their new album is called Great Olden Dynasty, and will be released worldwide on November 24th, 2017. They play symphonic death metal, but I think it’s less death metal than what most people would think of upon hearing that label. It’s a mix of several genres, including death metal, and thrash. There’s an obvious Lamb of God vibe throughout, predominantly in the vocal department; there are some songs where the music has that same feel, that feel that makes you wanna smash shit, and head-bang until your neck snaps off. The group consists of members Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy Mastermind (guitars & orchestra), Steven F. Olda (bass), and Richard Meiz (drums).

Great Olden Dynasty is a heavy album, and is lucky enough to have a guest spot by none other than Cristina Scabbia, of Lacuna Coil fame. This came about due to a friendship with Lacuna Coil member Marco Coti Zelati, whom they had met on tour back in 2014 (Zelati also produced their 2016 EP). Genus Ordinis Dei was also tapped by Lacuna Coil to play on their Delirium World Tour in the fall of 2016. Cristina guests on the song “Salem”, and it is indeed one of the standout tracks on an album full of standout tracks. The mix of Nick and Cristina’s vocals is an absolute must hear; they just sound so great together. The music for this song is perfectly suited to the pairing of these two very talented vocalists, and there is a reason it’s the first single from this album.

“You Die in Roma” is the track that made me sit up, and realize that this was one brutal band; it also contains the most profound Lamb of God style on the whole album; vocally and musically speaking. Nick sounds like Randy Blythe was a huge influence on his vocal style, and I would expect that they both sing in a similar fashion as far as technique goes. The nice thing about this group is that, even when the influence is very obvious, they don’t sound like carbon copies either. It’s annoying when bands do that, and I’m surprised some of them get as much attention as they while sounding just like another, already established, group. Other tracks that are among the best include “The Flemish Obituary”, and “ID 3401”.

I was just reading their press release, and came across some really interesting information that I’ll include here now. “Genus Ordinis Dei was established in 2011 by a close circle of professional music instructors who graduated from Italy’s most respected music academies (RGA, MMI, NAM)”, that’s an impressive fact, and it shows in the way the write, and execute their respective instruments. So on November 24th, 2017 you should be sure to get your copy of Genus Ordinis Dei’s Great Olden Dynasty. It will not disappoint you at all, I’m on my third time through it, and I haven’t even had it for 24 hours yet; if that says anything to you, I don’t know, but it does to me.

  • Tom Hanno 

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