ECLIPTIC VISION- “Omphalos Of The Void” Album Review



Ecliptic Vision, based in Syracuse, N.Y., play death metal; and they play it well. Here in the very near future, Friday the 13th of October actually, they will release Omphalos of the Void, a four track EP that is crushingly heavy. I hear some of the thrash metal side of Cannibal Corpse in these four songs, and in the second track there is a definite Nathan Explosion (Dethklok vocalist) thing in Josh’s vocal parts; and in the music too. I saw them open up for Thy Art is Murder in September, and they give it everything they have while onstage. Ecliptic Vision is one of those bands that you should go see, and tear up the pit during their se as well.

These four tunes are heavy, but not in the speed that most death metal is known for. Yes, they can play that speed, but they opt for a more ear appeasing sound by adding groove to their riffing. It’s more thrash in the music than it is death metal, and I find that refreshing. Any asshole can tremolo pick the same five notes in a pattern to sound heavy, but real heaviness is making a good song even better by knowing that speed isn’t always necessary. Ecliptic Vision is made up of four guys, Ryan-Guitars/Programming, Derek-Bass/Vocals, Joshua- Lead Vocals, Vincent- Drums, that realize this, and execute that knowledge accordingly.

When I saw them, they played a song called “Aberration”, and it was my favorite song of their set; this is the one with the Dethklok feel to it on this new release. The riff where the vocals kick in at first is so fucking heavy, and Josh sounds like a demonic entity with his vocal attack. He really gets a great tone all across the EP, but in this one he conjures up some Chris Barnes (ex-Cannibal Corpse/current Six Feet Under vocalist) meets George Fischer (current Cannibal Corpse vocalist) meets Nathan Explosion (Dethklok vocalist). The instrumentation on this track is a thing of heavy fucking beauty, I really love what the entire band did here; just fucking stupendous.

The third track, “Rage Ablaze”, has a death metal meets older, and heavier, Gwar vibe; especially in the outro guitar parts. Almost a minute and a half into the track they slow things down a bit, going for an almost progressive doom feel, and then the song kicks back in to its original tempo. The outro riff is a beast, and where the Gwar vibe really goes into overdrive; mostly because of the pinch harmonics in the riff, and the riff itself of course.

Omphalos of the Void by Ecliptic Vision is an excellent underground death metal release. It will be out a week from this Friday, or Friday the 13th, October 2017 depending on when this gets posted up. Either way, go give it a listen, buy it, go to a show, and support local fucking (I say fuck a lot, don’t I? LOL) music!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Hanno

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